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Arimaru Arc


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Arimaru Arc is the twenty-first arc of the Gamaran series. This arc is where Zenmaru faces against Arimaru in order for the rest to make it to the final gate.


The Second Gate OpensEdit

The Ogame School and their allies then watch as the date opens, which Shinnojou asks who is the person that had opened the gate. Inside the castle, a soldier reports that their are no soldiers deployed to the area between second and third town gates. Nachi then asks who is in charge of the area, which Jinsuke says that they have made their move and the he now knows one of the rats of the Muhou School. Nachi then asks who the spy is, which Jinsuke says that its Tsukikage.

The Traitor RevealledEdit

At the second gate, Tsukikage introduces himself and that he is their ally. Tsukikage then tells them that their are no guard station from here to the next gate. Tsukikage then asks them to join him in destroying the Muhou School, which Shinnojou asks if he wants them to cooperate with him. Tsukikage then says yes, and says that they have their reason for wanting Jinsuke dead, which Zenmaru says bullshit. Tsukikage then says that he had taken alot of risks by doing this and that he is probably already figured out, which Shinnojou thinks about how it doesn't feel like Tsukikage is going to harm them. Kizaki then asks who exactly is he, which Tsukikage says that he is a shogunate spy and explains why he was sent.

The AntEdit

Inside the castle, Jinsuke inform Nachi and Mario that Tsukikage is a shogunate spy. Mario then says that if its true then their maybe more spies in the school and that it would be a pain if they join up with the Ogame School. Jinsuke then says for them to use the ant, which Nachi asks if he means Arimaru of the Personal Corps. Jinsuke then says yes and that Arimaru can put a stop to all of this. Elsewhere, Shimon enters a hole in a wall and complains about it. After entering, Shimon meet with Arimaru and tells him that its time for work. Arimaru then comments about Shimon's face, which Shimon says that its doesn't compare to Arimaru. Arimaru then says that Shimon is the only one that can get away with say that and asks if Shimon has brought him another pet. Shimon then says that its time for work and that the target will be in his area. Arimaru then says who the targets are, which Shimon says that they are Jinsuke's students. Arimaru then gets up and says that he will do the job.

Passing Throught the Second GateEdit

At the second gate, the Ogame School and their allies pass through the second gate. Zenmaru then asks Gama if the shogunate spy stuff if real, which Gama says that he doesn't know. Kamedenbou then says that he would never imagined this, which Kizaki then says that things have gotten interesting. Shinojou then wonders how this battle will play out from here. Shinnojou then thinks that it would be a great help if they join their side, but wonders if its alrighty to place their trust them easily. They then notices the castle, which Gama thinks that Jinsuke and Naoyoshi is there. At the gate, a soldier asks Tsukikage is the Ogame School will make it to the castle, which Tsukikage says that things are going to get dicey if they don't. Tsukikage then says that Jinsuke is most likely aware and that getting to the castle might be tough. A soldier then asks about Iori, which Tsukikage says that its alright to leave Iori alone because he is a special case. Tsukikage then says that they should hide since it would be the best way to further their plan.

Heading to the Third GateEdit

Elsewhere, the Ogame School and their allies are running to the next gate. Gama then says that their really arn't any guards, which Kashitarou tells him not to let his guard down. Kamedenbou then wonders where Iori is, which Kizaki then says that he will turn up. Manjirou then reveals that this if the shortest path to the third gate and that they don't use it to travel in group, which Shinnojou says that the others paths are to long. Shinnojou then says that if what Tsukikage says is true then they should be able to travel to the third gate without any fighting. Shinnojou then thinks about the chance that they have and that they can't let it slip. Shinnojou then thinks about how their future hinges upon this battle and that he will lead the Ogame School to victory. They then hits a sandy area, which Kizaki wonder why their is sand and then he is suddenly pierced through the foot. Kizaki then worned them, which Kashitarou is the pierced through his foot. Arata then says that they can't stop moving, when he is pierced through the foot and drops to him knee. Shinnojou then tells Arata to get up, but Arata is wounded in the back. Shinnojou then worns the others that their is an enemy under that sand.

About ArimaruEdit

At the castle, Shimon meets with Ranmaru and says that the rats are with the shogunate. Ranmaru then says that he has heard that Arimaru was mobilized, which Shimon says that the Ogame School should be shocked by now. Shimon then reveals that Arimaru is female and that her attack are something to behold because her flash is tough. Shimon then says taht she is not ordinary martial artist, and reveals that underground tunnels have been build for her to use. Ranmaru then says that it doesn't matter how many their are, because once they step into her domain they won't get out. At the sandy area, the Ogame School wonders how the enemy can attack from underrground. They then argue what to they should do. Kizaki then says that they have to make it through this area before the enemy can organize their defenses.

Shinnojou handles the ProblemEdit

Shinnojou then says that he will defeat the foe, and tells Manjirou to hand him Monohoshizao. Manjirou then hands Shinnojou a long sword, which Kashitarou wonders what Shinnojou is doing. Shinnojou then tells Zenmaru that he is the leader of the Ogame School and that he will cut down any dilemma's with his own hands. Arimaru then says that it brings a tear to her eye and pops her head out of the sand. Shinnojou then asks what she is, which Arimaru says that that was rude and that her face msut has startled them. Arimaru then says that she will forgive him because of his face and then introduces herself as Arimaru and to come and get her if Shinnojou is not scared. Shinnojou then asks if Arimaru is human, which Arimaru says that she won't forgive him. Arimaru then says that this area is her domain and that she won'tlet anyone pass alive, and then head back under the sand. Kizaki then says that Arimaru isn't an ordinary person, which Zenmaru says that he has a bad feeling and that they should take a detour. Shinnojou then says that he has figured out something and explains that their should be a shallow space underneath them. Zenmaru then wonders how Shinnojou will be able to figure out where Arimaru is, which Shinnojou takes a stance.

Shinnojou Wounds ArimaruEdit

Arimaru then calls Shinnojou a fool and says that she can hear the sound of rustle where Shinnojou steps. Arimaru then thinks that no one cen get out alive once they step into her domain. Shinnojou then thinks that the Ogame School will be one step away from victory if they make it past this area, and that he must defeat her for the sake of the Ogame School. Arimaru then pierces Shinnojou's foot, which Gama then figures out how Shinnojou plans to locate Arimaru. Shinnojou then attacks, but notices that their is no blood when he pulls the sword out of the sand. Shinnojou is then pierced through the foot again, which Arimaru says that she expected that he would attack, so she dodged it. Shinnojou then drops to his knee, which Arimaru thinks that she will end it. Arimaru is then shocked when she is wounded by Shinnojou's attack. Gama then thinks about how Shinnojou was able to wound Arimaru and that Shinnojou is a strong swordsman. Shinnojou then says that he will deliver the death blow, which Arimaru gets angry and says that she will not forgive Shinnojou.

Arimaru Fights Above GroundEdit

Arimaru then gets out of the sand and tells Shinnojou to not get cocky because he hit her once. Arimaru then says that she is going to sent Shinnojou to hell, which everyone is shocked by her appearance. Shinnojou then says that Arimaru is being rash for abandoning her advantage, which Arimaru says that Shinnojou should admit defeat since Shinnojou is badly wounded. Arimaru then says that she is going to use her original style and pulls out a shield. Shinnojou then wonders how Arimaru is going to use the shield, which he then notices that Arimaru put her sword through a slot in the shield. Arimaru then says that the sand will never get in her way and takes a stance for her Sunakari no Jin. Zenmaru then notices something and says that its not good, which Arimaru then charges. Shinnojou then wonder how Arimaru can move so fast, but notices that he can't move his right foot and then tries to defeat. Shinnojou then dodges by using his sword, but it breaks. Arimaru then thinks about how the sand won't slow her down and charges at Shinnojou again. Arimaru then hits Shinnojou and sends him flying into the wall. Shinnojou then thinks about how strong Arimaru is, which Arimaru charges again. Zenmaru then stops Arimaru's charge, which Zenmaru compliments Shinnojou and then tells him to leave Arimaru to him. Arimaru then comments about how Zenmaru looks, which Zenmaru says that men are judged by their strength and not their face. Arimaru then asks if Zenmaru believes he can beat her, which Zenmaru says his sword is stronger then her attack. Arimaru then tells Zenmaru to asks his companions for help, which Zenmaru says that he is sure the Arimaru will be sliced in two by Sadanaga.

Ichinose Zenmaru Vs. ArimaruEdit

Zenmaru then remembers what Kiyomori said and how he can't be a burden to his teacher anymore. Zenmaru then thinks that he must find his sword right here. Arimaru then says that she would probably be killed if she is cut by that sword, and then asks if Zenmaru can weild that sword. Zenmaru then says to come, and see what will happen. Arimaru then says that Zenmaru is confident in his strength and that now lets decide the winner with strength. kamedenbou that notices that Arimaru is taking it serious, which Arimaru then charges. Zenmaru then thinks about how he shouldn't be underestimated and attacks. Zenmaru then notices that he can't defend against her attack, and is the pushed back. Arimaru then says that Zenmaru is weaker then she thought, which Manjirou says that Zenmaru is at a disadvantage. Kashitarou then reveals that Sadanaga is heavier then a normal sword and that he will be kill when his opponent attack in an opening. Kashitarou then reveals that Zenmaru is losing power with the way he is fighting, and that Zenmaru should have mastered Sadanaga over the year of training. Gama then says that fear is holding Zenmaru back, which Kashitarou thinks about how believing in his sword is the only way to get stronger. Zenmaru then thinks about how he must believe in his sword and attacks, but is sent flying again. Zenmaru then wonders what he is lacking and that he will have to become better. Zenmaru then notices something, which Arimaru decides to finish the fight and attacks. Zenmaru then thinks about Sadanaga and then changes his stance.

Zenmaru Gets StrongerEdit

Zenmaru then attacks, which he is able to stops Arimaru's attack. Arimaru then thinks about how Zenmaru was able to stop her attack, which Zenmaru thinks about how Sadanaga was able to become apart of him. Manjirou then wonders what happened, which Kashitarou thinks about how Zenmaru was able to figure it out. Zenmaru then attacks again, which forces Arimaru back. Arimaru then get angry and decides to use her secret technique. Zenmaru then attacks, which Arimaru abandons her shield and gets out of the way. Arimaru then thinks about how her technique works and then attacks. Zenmaru then attacks and breaks Arimaru's sword, which Arimaru wonders how Zenmaru is able to wield such a big sword so fast. Kashitarou then thinks about how Zenmaru's last swing was perfect. Arimaru then decides to retreat back underground and runs away. Zenmaru then chases and thinks about how he can catch her. Zenmaru then thinks about how he will have to use that and then takes a stance. Arimaru then thinks about how Zenmaru can't catch her, which Zenmaru then attacks. The other then notices that Zenmaru attacks is speeding up and Arimaru is thinking that the attack won't reach her. Zenmaru then slashes Arimaru with Shuengetsu. Shinnojou then thinks about how the techniques works, which Arimaru thinks about how she could have lost and dies. Zenmaru then thinks about how that was his strength, which Kashitarou thinks about how Zenmaru was able to make full use of Sadanaga. Shinnojou then thinks about how Zenmaru has become a swordman that they can count on, which Gama reaches out to Shinnojou and says that they can head to the next gate.

The Strongest Member of the Personal Corps ReturnsEdit

Later, Nachi informs informs Jinsuke that the strongest member of the personal corps has returned. Jinsuke then says to go meet him and let him through at once. Jinsuke then thinks about how he was able to make it in time and that its been a long time since he met him last. At the front gate, Shimon greet Toujou and tells him that he will guide him through the city. Shimon then says that Jinsuke is hoping to meet with Toujou, which Toujou smiles.

Toujou Meets with JinsukeEdit

Later, Jinsuke meets with Toujou and thanks him for his reconnaissance in Edo. Jinsuke then asks what Toujou thinks about Unabara, which Toujou says that it smell of blood. Toujou then says that he is glad that Jinsuke was able to take over Jouka, which the other members of the Personal Corps thinks about how Toujmou is the strongest member. Toujou then introduces his disciple and then says that he is glad that he made it back in time, so that he can fight Jinsuke's son and students. Nachi then thinks about that all the Muhou School has assembled and that their are still many problems. Nachi then thinks about how they are in a dangerous situation, and then thinks about how everyone else is excited. Jinsuke then says that they will wait for the Ogame School and wipe them out with their ultimate power.

The Night Before the Final AssultEdit

Days later, the Ogame School and their allies take up resident in a samurai's house. The mother then complains, which Shinnojou says that they are not thieves and that they will leave soon. Kamedenbou then asks Shinnojou about his injury, which Shinnojou says that he can't move it perfectly. Kamedenbou and Shinnojou then talk about if they can win this battle and what would happen if they don't. Shinnojou then talks about what happened to his last school and that they will win even if he has to sacrifice his life. Elsewhere, Gama and Kashitarou are talking about how they will attacks tomorrow. Gama then brings up Naoyoshi, which Kashitarou asks who Naoyoshi is. Gama then says that Naoyoshi is a war buddy. Zenmaru then says that Kashitarou isn't not coming with them, because Kashitarou will die. Kashitarou then argues which Gama says that Kashitarou is not coming. Gama then thinks about how everyone is different and that he will defeat his dad. Then next day, everyone gets into their places. Arata then says that he will avenge his students and readies his arrow. Everyone then thinks about what they will do when they get throught the gate, which Arata then fires his arrow.



Ogame SchoolEdit

Muhou SchoolEdit

Nakaizumi SchoolEdit

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