Chapter 105
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter One Hundred and Five
Volume Volume 13
Arc Ayanaka Forest Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 104 Chapter 106

Chapter 105 is the hundred and fifth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Riichirou is informed that two members of the Ogame School is in Ayanaka Forest. He is also informed that Kuryuu is preparing to head out to confront the two.


Sakura Shinnojou takes Omiya Banri.


A little while ago, Riichirou is informed that two of the Ogame School members are in the Ayanaka Forest. He is then informed that Ango is perparing to deport for battle with Jinsuke's permission. Riichirou then tells the soldier to prepare his horse and weapon as he is heading to the front line too. Riichirou then wonders what the Ogame School is capable of.

In Ayanaka Forest, Banri tells Shinnojou to let their battle begin. Shinnojou and Banri then chat about how this fight is a continuation from last years fight. Banri then tells Shinnojou about him as a divine spear and when his father died. Banri then says that Shinnojou was able to get his strength the same as him, which Shinnojou tells him that they are not the same. Banri then tells Shinnojou that he wants to see who is the stronger of the them. When Banri says that he will kill everyone of the Ogame School, Shinnojou tells Zenmaru that he will handle it.

Shinnojou and Banri then takes a stance. Zenmaru then thinks about how amazing both fighters are. Banri then thinks how he wants Shinnojou to show him how he has improved over the year, and how his spears works. Banri the  charges and launches Jinshiki Nanausen at Shinnojou. Shinnojou dodges all the thrusts and tries to attack Banri. Banri then blocks Shinnojou's attack and thinks about how Shinnojou slipped past his thrusts. Shinnojou then pushes Banri to the floor and then tries to kill him.



Myoujin SchoolEdit


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