Chapter 109
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter One Hundred and Nine
Volume Volume 13
Arc Ayanaka Forest Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 108 Chapter 110

Chapter 109 is the hundred and Ninth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Kuyou and the Nagimaki are both explained and how power the weapon are.


Iori and Shinnojou talk about the situation they are in and then continues the fight.


Kuyou is called the ultimate spear as it is able to preform repeated thrust with the tube that is attached to it. The nagimaki has both the ultimate slasing power and elasticity of range. The polearm combines the capabilites of the spear, hammer, and hammer making it supreme on the western battlefied. It the says that if these three weapon are mastered by warrior then they have the potential to become the ultimate armaments.

Gensai then tells Zenmaru that the advisors and Banri and stronger then they appear and that they have mastered some fearsome weapons. Gansai then thinks about how they are out numbered. Zenmaru then comments that they are being careful, which Gensai says that they know that they will be the ones who die if they screw up an attack. Gensai then says that Iori and Shinnojou are also referred to a monsters. Gensai then thinks about how the enemy is waiting for the prefect time to land a serious blow.

Iori and Shinnojou then about how they are out numbered. Iori then tells Shinnojou to let him take all their attacks. Iori and then talks about the plan which Iori says that he is not going to die. Shinnojou then tells him that if he does die then he will expell him from the school. Shinnojou then thinks that the Ogame School will be victorious. Riichirou then thinks that he will put everything he has into the next attack.

Ango and Banri then attacks Iori at the same time. Iori then blocks both their attacks but notices that Riichirou is attacking him. Gensai then attacks Riichirou and knocks him off ballance. Shinnojou then attacks a surprised Riichirou, proclaiming that Riichirou is beaten.





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