Chapter 114
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen
Volume Volume 14
Arc Eastern Gate Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 113 Chapter 115

Chapter 114 is the hundred and fourteenth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Jinsuke and Shimon are informed that the Ogame School are attacking the main gate, which Jinsuke wonders if they can break through the main gate.


Gama and his squad attacks the eastern gate, when Riko shows up and challenge the Ogame School.


Jinsuke and Shimon are informed that the Ogame School are assualting the main gate. Jinsuke then wonders if they can break through the main gate.

At the eastern gate, the Ogame School are cutting through the soldiers. Sanzou thinks that the Ogame School are monsters for being able to take on at least 50 of them. Sanzou then thinks that this gates defences will be annihilated before reinforcement arrive. Sanzou then notices Gama anfd tries to defend but Gama quickly killes him. When most of the Muhou School men are defeat, Arata then lines up his shot at the gate but the doors open. Riko then walks through the gate and compliments the Ogame School for making this far. Riko then tells them that even through they are his former to his former school, he will show them no mercy.

At the castle, Shimon ask Jinsuke about who would win in the battle of Riko and the Ogame School. Jinsuke tells him that Riko has the slight advantage.Shimon then ask if Riko is stronger then Iori, which Jinsuke tells him that its not that simple. Jinsuke then explains what kind of martial artist Riko is. Jinsuke also tells Shimon that the Ogame School tehniques have no effect on Riko. Shimon then says that Riko means trouble to the Ogame School, which Jinsuke says that Riko is a natural predator.

At the eastern gate, Shinnojou says that he thought that Riko wouldn't stand in their way. Riko then tells them that he can't stand them because they cling to the Ogame School. Riko then tells them that he is going to put an end to the worthless swordmanship ofthe Ogame School. Shinnojou then tells Riko that he will destroy him and charges at Riko. Shinnojou attacks Riko with Gekirin but notices that his sword has been broken. Riko then tells Shinnojou that he recieved a report about his techniques and that the Ogame Style doesn't work on him. Riko then says to get things moving, which Zenmaru and the others notice that they have to face more soldiers. When Shinnojou says that he will fight Riko, Gama tells them that he will fight Riko. Gama then tells Riko that he will show him the power of the Ogame School, which Riko says that Gama is talking pretty big.



Ogame SchoolEdit


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