Chapter 115
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen
Volume Volume 14
Arc Eastern Gate Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 114 Chapter 116

Chapter 115 is the hundred and fifteenth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Gama tells Riko that he will show him the power of the Ogame School and challenges Riko to a one-on-one fight.


Gama begins his battles with Riko and forces Riko on the defensive.


Gama tells Riko that he will show him the powerof the Ogame School. Riko then says that Gama has really grown, but his smart mouth hasn't changed. Gama then challenges Riko to a one-on-one fight. Zenmaru then thinks about how Gama wants to have a one-on-oen fight with a guy that Shinnojou has trouble with. Gama then says that if he wins then they will let them through. Riko then tells him that he will fight him and he will defeat him with his own hands. Zenmaru then thinks about what Gama is capable of and tries to worn Gama but Gama tells him that he is going to win. Zenmaru then notices that the atmosphere around Gama has changed once he took his stance. Kashitarou then tells Zenmaru to watch Gama's current power.

Gama then tells Riko that he'll get started and slashes Riko. Gama then notices that Riko blocked his slash. Kashitarou then tells Zenmaru about the task that he gave Gama and how Gama improved on his way here. Gama then attacks Riko with Gurensen and forcign Riko back. Riko then thinks about Gama's attack and notices that Gama is still coming. Gama then attacks with Shidensen but Riko was barely able to block the attack. Gama then tells Riko that he thought that taht would do it. Riko then tells Gama that he has seen through his skills and that he can no longer win this fight.




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