Chapter 116
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen
Volume Volume 14
Arc Eastern Gate Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 115 Chapter 117

Chapter 116 is the hundred and sixteenth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Riko tells Gama what his specialty is and tells Gama that he figure out all of Gama's abilities.


Gama continues his battles against Riko, which Riko block and dodges all of Gama's attack and put Gama on the defensive.


Riko tells Gama about his ability and that Gama won't be able to graze him with an attack. Gama then tell Riko that he doesn't know what he is talking about and that he wants to win more. Zenmaru then thinks about how Riko wasn't able to deal with Gama's speed. Gama then slashes Riko, which Riko dodges. Gama then spins around and attacks but Riko blocks it. Zenmaru thinks that Riko is reading Gama signs but Shinnojou tells him that Riko is reading Gama's mind. Shinnojou then thinks about how Riko brought his absolute defensive technique this far. Riko then tells Gama that his attack won't work against him anymore. Riko then closes his eyes and thinks about want is Gama's next attacks is going to be. Riko then blocks Gama next attack and tells him that he know all his attacks like the back of his hand. Zenmaru then asks how do you defeat Riko, which Shinnojou tells him about Riko and how he fights. Riko then uses Iwagui to knock Gama off balance. Riko then tries to finish Gama off with Gurensen but Kashitarou thinks that its not over yet.



Ogame SchoolEdit


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