Chapter 12
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter Twelve
Arc Nakaizumi School Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 11 Chapter 13

Chapter 12 is the twelfth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Gama cuts Arata's bow is half.


Gama defeated Arata in battle, while the Kyousen School have a meeting about Gama.


Gama cuts Arata's bow in half. Arata thinks aabout how he loses and tells Gama to kill him. Gama refuses and tells Arata to polish his techniques. Arata then drops to his knees and admits defeat. Shimon then thinks about Gama's movement and then thinks that he has figured out the Ogame School techniques. A tournament announcer then reports that the Nakaizumi School has lose.

In Jouka, A ronin is asking help for his friend, Gon. A citizen asks what happened, when the friend says that his friend had a scuffle with an unarmed person. Gon then coughs up blood and dies. The citizens then asks what the man looked like, and the friend says that the man had a scar on his face and a card that read Kyousen.

In another location, the members of the Kyousen School talk about how Gama defeated the Tengen School and the Nakaizumi School within one day. Ryuugo then tells the rest of this family that they will kill Gama. Sakon then tells Ryuugo that the bird he gave him is dead, which Ryuugo tells him that he will get him a new one. Sakon then thanks him. 





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