Chapter 138
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Eight
Volume Volume 16
Arc Matsumoto Muraku Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 137 Chapter 139

Chapter 138 is the hundred and thirty-eighth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

The leader of the group decides to head in to face Gama and thinks that its fun to get out once in a while.


Gama defends Zenmaru and Kashitarou against their attacks and even defeat two who uses their combined techniques.


The leaders decides to head in and also says that its a good opportunity for the higher-ups to recognizes their strength. He thinks that its fun to go all out once in a while and that he will go kill them with everything that he's got.

Inside, Zenmaru wonders if the locaton of their safe house has gotten out. Zenmaru then thinks how the others are away and that he and Kashitarou can't fight. Gama then tells Zenmaru to stay where he is and that he will protect them. Seirin and Sekiryuu then step forward and decides to attack Gama together. When they pull their weapons out, Gama and Zenmaru wonder what kind of weapon it is. Sekiryuu then tells him what the weapon is called and attacks Gama with it. Gama dodges and Zenmaru notices that it put a hole in the floor. Sekiryuu then tells Gama about the wepaon and how it works. Seirin then points out that Gama can dodge it but then they will attack the two behind him. Seirin and Sekiryuu then attacks Gama using their combined attack Jayonrendan. Gama then attacks them and tells them that they are to close together and that he just attacked the visible part the he could see. Seirin and Sekiryuu then die and Zenmaru thinks about he couldn't follow Gama's attack. A soldier thinks about Gama's strength and when their captian arrives.

Outside, Matsumoto shows up and kills then other members outside for attacking Gama. Matsumoto then smells the scent of blood and this about what a pleasent smell it is. Matsumoto then expresses how he can't want to see how much Gama has grow.



Muhou SchoolEdit


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