Chapter 139
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Nine
Volume Volume 16
Arc Matsumoto Muraku Arc
Pages 18
Chapter 138 Chapter 140

Chapter 139 is the hundred and thirty-ninth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Muraku is walking to Gama's location, and thinks about how he has waited for the day he meets Gama again.


Muraku shows up to Gama's location and begins fighting him.


Muraku is headingto Gama's room and thinks about how he has waiting for this day. Gama then another intruder and says that their are still three left. Uchiumi thinks about how strong Gama is and thinks that they will have a chance when Muraku gets their. When Muraku gets their, Uchiumi is glad that he has arrived but is quickly killed. Muraku then kills another and says that its their punishment for attacking his precious Gama. Muraku then compliments Gama for having become a fine Martial Artist. Zenmaru asks who this guy is which Gama tells him who Muraku is. Zenmaru then says that Gama had once beat him, but Gama tells Zenmaru that he couldn't beat him. Gama then thinks how Muraku ddn't go all out last time and that he doesn't know the full extent of Muraku's power. Muraku then tells Gama that he let Gama escape last time and that he is going to enjoy myself to the fullest this time. Gama then tell him that he is going to beat him this time, which Muraku gets excited. Gama then tells Muraku that he is in his range and attacks Muraku. Murkau blocks the attacks which Gama is shocked about. Muraku then tells the last intruder to clean up the corpse because that epic battle between him and Gama is about to begin.





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