Chapter 149
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Nine
Volume Volume 18
Arc Arimaru Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 148 Chapter 150

Chapter 149 is the hundred and forty-ninth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Arimaru tells them to come at her if they are not scares, which Shinnojou asks what she is. She then tells him that he maybe Jinsuke's student but that is unforgiveable.


Shinnojou counters Arimaru's attacks by drawing her into a trap.


Arimaru tells the Ogame School to come at her if they are not scared. Shinnojou then asks if Arimaru is human, which Arimaru tells him that what he said us unforgiveable. Arimaru then says that since they plan to pass through this place the she will kill them. Arimaru then thinks that this sandy his her place and that they can't pass through. Zenmaru then says that they should turn around, which Shinnojou says that he now knows that he can fight her. Shinnojou then explains who she was able to attack them and that its possible to attack her. Shinnojou then tells them that he is the leader of the Ogame School and for them to believe in him. Kashitarou figures out what Shinnojou plans to go, and Gama wonder how Shinnojou plans to locate Arimaru.

Arimaru thinks about the disadvantage that Shinnojou has perpares to strike. Shinnojou then thinks about how he has to win for the Ogame School. Arimaru then stabs Shinnojou, which Shinnojou trust his sword into the ground. Shinnojou talks the sword out of the sandy and notices that their is no blood. Arimaru then stabs Shinnojou again and says that she knew that he would try and attack her. Shinnojou then dropsto his knee, which Arimaru goes to attack. Shinnojou then trusts and stabs Arimaru in the arm before she can attacks him. Gama then thinks that everything was planned to get her and also thinks that Gama is an incredible guy. Shinnojou then says that he will finish it with the next one and Arimaru says that she will never forgive him and to prepare himself.





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