Chapter 189
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Nine
Arc Muhou Strongest Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 188 Chapter 190

Chapter 189 is the hundred and eighty-ninth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Jinsuke attacks Iori.


Iori thinks about how strong Jinsuke is and decides to change his strategy. At the same times Mario attacks Kai to create an opening to kill Zenmaru.


Jinsuke attacks Iori and wounds him in the leg. Iori then drops to one knee and thinks about how sharp and quick the attack was. Jinsuke then tells Iori that he won't become the strongest by just running away, which Iori thinks about how he con't dodge Jinsuke slash. Iori then thinks about how he can't read Jinsuke's attacks and that Jinsuke's presence is intimidating. Iori also thinks about Jinsuke's stance and how Jinsuke can attack and defend at any angle. Iori then thinks about how Jinsuke stance gives his sword god like speed. Jinsuke then attacks and wounds Iori, which Jinsuke then tells Iori that this is what happens when he doesn't attack. Iori then thinks about how he barely see Jinsuke's movements and that he is going to be defeated like seven years ago. Iori then thinks about how this is his last chance to defeat Jinsuke and thinks about how he will have to forteiting his life to win as he abandoning his stance. Jinsuke then tells Iori that he likes Iori determination for abandoning his stance, and that Iori is a worthy swordsmen in his eyes. Jinsuke then tells Iori that its time to Iori to show his swordmanship.

Elsewhere, Mario tells Zenmaru about how dare Zenmaru takes his eye. Zenmaru then tells Mario that he has takes Mario's eye and sword, and that if Mario keeps it up then he will take Mario's life too. Mario then thinks about how their is something else that Zenmaru is lacking besides talent. Mario then says that he undderstands and thinks the Zenmaru is pathetic naivety. Mario then throws his broken sword at Kai, which Zenmaru blocks the sword with his arm. Mario then thinks that Zenmaru is a fool for breaking his stance and protecting Kai, as he charges and draws his other sword. Mario then attacks and wounds Zenmaru in the side. Mario then tries to finish Zenmaru off, but Kai shields Zenmaru and is slashed in the back.





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