Chapter 190
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety
Arc Muhou Strongest Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 189 Chapter 191

Chapter 190 is the hundred and ninetieth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Kai is wounded from Mario's attack, and he then tells Zenmaru to win.


Zenmaru kills Mario and then listens to Kai last words.


Kai is wounded by Mario, and then tells Zenmaru to win as he falls. Mario thinks about how Kai had strength left to move, and then decides to finish Kai off. Mario then attacks, but notices Zenmaru is attacking and jumps back. Mario then thinks that Zenmaru can swing Sadanaga like his brother. Zenmaru then wonder why this happens to him and why he can't protect the ones he cares about. Zenmaru says that he can't forgive himself for being soft and weak. Zenmaru then charges which mario think about how his wakizashi can't compete with Zenmaru's range. Mario then thinks that he will dodge at the last second, and then counterattack. Zenmaru then wounds Mario and cut his wakizashi, which Mario thinks that he can't judge the slash of Zenmaru's slash with his right eye. Zenmaru then thinks about how he will cast aside his softness and cut down his immaturity and Mario. Zenmaru then slash Mario, which mario this about how he can die in a place like this and dies. Zenmaru then that Mario never, but suddenly hears Kai. Zenmaru then rushes to Kai's side and says that he will go get a doctor. Kai then says that he can't be saved and then apologizes when for not recieving Zenmaru's sword. Zenmaru then says that kai means so much to him and then asks what he should do. Kai then tells Zenmaru to stop crying since he is a worthy swordsman. Kai then tells Zenmaru that he is glad that he was able to see his swordmanship, and then dies.

At other places, Gama is heading to Jinsuke's location, Shimon and Kamedenbou are running, and Shinnojou is heading somewhere. Elsewhere, Jinsuke tells Iori to show him everything that he's got.





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