Chapter 28
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter Twenty-Eight
Arc Second Round Arc
Pages 22
Chapter 27 Chapter 29

Chapter 28 is the twenty-eigthth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Some asks Shimon if Gama is a strong individual, which Shimon tells him that he is.


All the school are informed about where the second round will take place, and how they can pass the second round.


Someone asks Shimon if Gama is strong, which Shimon tells them that he is. While walking in the hall, Naoyoshi and the Ogame School have a talk with each other. When the enter the meeting room, They see the contestants and the serious air around them. Gama and Zenmaru notices that Jinsuke is not their, which Shinnojou says that they will meet him when they advance. Naoyoshi then meets with his brother Naokatsu and has a chant with him. Gama then meets up with Shimon, who talks to him and then introduces Ranmaru to Gama. A commotion happens and they look over to it. They sees a old man has killed some people and then robs their corpse. Shinnojou then tell them that the old man is Kizaki Gensai from the Kannari School, which is one of the five dragons.

The meeting then starts and Naosada walks in. Naosada then makes a speech to the fighter about becoming the strongest and that the weak are not needed. Nachi then tells the school that they will fight each other and that the arena will be Jouka. Nachi also tells them that they need to take the head of the lords of the school to win. The daimyo candidates makes an uproar, but Naosada silents them. Nachi also tells them that the battles starts once the first person existes one of the five gates. Both the Tamagakushi School and the Kasanemanji School decide to attack the Ogame School first.






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