Chapter 29
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter Twenty-Nine
Arc Second Round Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 28 Chapter 30

Chapter 29 is twenty-ninth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Gama, Zenmaru, and Shinnojou are shown as the participates of the Ogame School.


The second round begins and the Ogame School is attacked by the Kasanemanji School.


The rules for the second round is explains and what the schools must do to pass.

The daimyo candidates are arguing about why they have to kill each other. Naoyoshi is talking with Naokatsu about having to kill each other, when Naoie joins the conversation. Naoyoshi then figures that Naoie tried to have him killed and that he know has his chance to kill him. Gama is talking to Zenmaru and Shinnojou about the second round, when they notice that people are leaving. Naoyoshi and the Ogame School then leave which people notice.

While waking in the street, Naoyoshi and the Ogame School talking about where the enemies might attack from. Gama then pushes Naoyoshi's away from an attack. Zenmaru then decides to attack both Jaki and Kotarou but Gama tells him that he will take them on. Jaki and Kotarou then attack Gama with Orochi but, Gama deflects one and catches another. Jaki then wraps him chain around Gama's arm but is then surprised when Gama run to him.



Kasanemanji SchoolEdit


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