Chapter 31
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter Thirty-First
Arc Second Round Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 30 Chapter 32

Chapter 31 is the thirty-first chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Gama cuts himself loose from Kotarou's chain and says that their is only one left.


The Tamagakushi School attacks the rest of the Ogame School and Naoyoshi, so Gama finishes off Kotarou and goes to help Naoyoshi.


Gama breaks Kotarou's chain and then targets him. Kotarou thinks how Gama killed Jaki and then wonders how to attack him. A person then goes up to Zenmaru and has a talk with Zenmaru about Gama and who is stronger. The person then attacks Zenmaru and put him in an arm hold. The Tamagakushi School ninja's then surround Naoyoshi and Shinnojou. Shinnojou dodges one ninja and then cuts down another. Naoyoshi is then pinned down and stabbed in the shoulder.

Gama then tries to save Naoyoshi but Kotarou stops him. Kotarou then throws a weight at Gama but Gama disappears. Kotarou then notices that Gama has slashed him and wonders how he did it. Gama then look over at Naoyoshi and sees that he is not their.



Ogame SchoolEdit


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