Chapter 43
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter Forty-Three
Arc Shinnojou's Revenge Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 42 Chapter 44

Chapter 43 is the forty-third chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Shinnojou and Misaku have a short conversation which Misaku thinks that Shinnojou has gotten carried away.


Miasku tries to kill Shinnojou with a secret technique but Shinnojou kills Misaku.


Shinnojou tells Misaku that he will be the one to have everything stolen from him, but Misaku thinks that Shinnojou is getting carried away. Shinnojou then tells him that his techniques are meaningless to him. Misaku then gets angry and decides to use his secret techniques to kill Shinnojou. Misaku then launches his attack, first with his left sword but Shinnojou hits it away. Misaku then attack when his right sword but Shinnojou blocks it with his second sword. Shinnojou then counters and cuts Misaku. Shinnojou then attack Misuka using Tanryuu Hibaku, to trust into Misaku's eye and then slash outwards. Misaku then dies, and Shinnojou says that he has avenged everyone in the Itten School. Iori then claps from Shinnojou after having killed Ukyo. Iori then compliments Shinnojou on how he used Tanryuu Hibaku. Shinnojou asks what Iori is doing their, which he tells him that he is going to fight.

At the Jouchi Dojo, Gama and the rest enter the dojo. Banri then tells Gama that they have been waiting for him and also says that they shouldget the fight started.



Ogame SchoolEdit

Souen SchoolEdit


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