Chapter 73
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter Seventy-Three
Arc Juuren Village Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 72 Chapter 74

Chapter 73 is the seventy-third chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Rintarou thinks how make Gama and Zenmaru had grow and thinks that he can cross blades with him.


Kamedenbou thinks about when he first choose the next successor and that he has to do it again. Meanwhile, Shinnojou and Iori decide to fight to see who will be the next leader of the Ogame School.


Rintarou thinks about how much Gama and Zenmaru have grown and that they may be able to cross blades with him. Rintarou then tells Kawasaki and Shimoda to inform Kashitarou that their will be two more people training on Juuren Mountain. Iori then asks about Kashitarou, which Rintarou tells him that he is a genius at martial arts. Rintarou then asks if Iori has something to do since the training is over.

At Jouka, Naoyoshi is thinking about Gama and the Ogame School. Ranmaru then tells Naoyoshi to rest and to not let his health be ruined. Naoyoshi asks why Ranmaru is protecting him, which Ranmaru tells him that he was ordered to protect him. Naoyoshi then asks what Jinsuke is to Ranmaru, which he tell Naoyoshi.

The next day, Kamedenbou talks about how he must pass on the 5 secret scrolls of the Ogame School. Kamedenbou then thinks about how he had to pass on the scrolls to either Jinsuke and Tessei. Kamedenbou then thinks about how the Ogame School was split in two and what happened 5 years ago. Kamedenbou then thinks that he now has to decide who will be the leader of the Ogame School.

Shinnojou is training by doing a double slash, when Iori shows up. Iori then comments on what Shinnojou just did and how it takes considerable skills. Iori then asks why Shinnojou called him out to this place, which Shinnojou says that they are going to decide who will be the next leader of the Ogame School. Shinnojou then tells Iori that he is not suited to the leader of the Ogame School. Iori then says that the match will turn into a death match if they go all out.





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