Chapter 77
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter Seventy-Seven
Volume Volume 10
Arc Juuren Village Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 76 Chapter 78

Chapter 77 is the seventy-seventh chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Iori and Shinnojou are sitting infront of Kamedenbou as he tell them to have no objection on who he chooses to be the leader.


Shinnojou is made the leader of the Ogame School and he has an arguement with Iori about it.


Kamedenbou tells Iori and Shinnojou that he will choose then next leader and that their will be no objections. In another room, Senka says that he is glad that the fight ended with those two recieving perment injuries. Mika then wounds why they were fighting, she then gets into an argument with Senka after she makes a comment. Gama then says that Iori had no interest in becoming the leader. Gama then wonders why Iori wanted to fight, which he realizes something.

In the dojo, Iori tells Kamedenbou to make Shinnojou the leader. Shinnojou then ask what Iori is up to, which Iori tells him that he thinks Shinnojou would make him a better leader. Shinnojou then yells at Iori and tells him that he what to be the leader after he surpasses Iori. Kamedenbou then tells Iori that he was never boing to make him leader, and that Shinnojou is the leader. Iori then leaves and says that he has personal business to do. After exiting the village, Iori meets with Gama. Gama then asks him if he is going to see his father.

Shinnojou then leaves the room, but Kamedenbou tells him what happened 5 years ago as Iori fought Jinsuek and lost. Outside, Iori has a chat with Gama about going to see Jinsuke and have a talk with him. Iori then tells Gama to surpass him and Jinsuke,and then leaves.






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