Chapter 80
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter Eighty
Arc Iori Invasion Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 79 Chapter 81

Chapter 80 is the eightieth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Gama and Zenmaru are training while Kashitarou is reading a pervert book.


Jinsuke has a meeting with his advisors about the affairs of the Muhou School.


At the main gate, one guard complains that they have guard duty since they were once members of the Tamagakushi School. The other one tells him that he doesn't care and that he should stop drawing the x on his face. He then tells his friend that he won't stop drawthe x until he cuts down Zenmaru from killing his comrades. He then notices a person coming and asks what to do. His friend tell him that they have to disposedof anyone that comes. Iori then tells them who he is and that he has business with Jinsuke.

Inside the castle, Jinsuke welcomes all the advisors of the Muhou School. Nachi then reports about the Muhou Schools progress and what is left to be done. Riichirou then complainmaents Nachi for his work and asks if they are going to fight with the shogunate soon, which Nachi tells him yes. Ango then brings up the Ogame School, which Riko tells him not to underestimate them. Mario then tells Riko to not get into arguments. Ango then says that he will be the one to destroy the Ogame School, which Jinsuke tells him to do it.

Elsewhere, Naoyoshi is talking with his mother. Naoyoshi asks her if she loves Jinsuke, which She tells him that she does. They then hear a commotion and Yukio asks what is going on. Outside, Iori has broken through the fight gate. He the introduces himself and that he is their to meet with Jinsuke and will cut down anyone who gets in his way.





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