Chapter 86
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter Eighty-Six
Volume Volume 11
Arc Year Later Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 85 Chapter 87

Chapter 86 is the eighty-sixth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Gama apologizes for keeping them waiting.


Gama takes on Mamiya and defeats him.


Gama apologizes to everyone for making them wait. Yumeji then tells Gama the she bets the he go stronger, which Gama tells her that he did. Mamiya then pulls out another sword and says that he is their to kill him. Gama then tells him that he should quick because they are not going to lose to them. Outside, Zenmaru and Kashitarou are facing the soldiers that are outside. Kashitarou then tells Zenmaru to annihalate them.

Inside, Mamiya tells Gama to save his word for after teh battle and attacks him. Kawasaki then worns Gama, but Gama still easily dodges it. Mamiya notices that Gama dodged it and thinks that he won't dodge a second. Mamiya then launches multiple trust but Gama dodges then all. Mamiya is shocked and thinks that Gama can see his sword, but Gama tells him that he can't see his sword. Gama then tells him how he is able to dodge all of his attacks. Gama then turns and leaves. Mamiya then gets angry and tries to attacks Gama, but Gama easily catches the blade. Gama then swipes his feet and uses kosen Mutou to knock him out. Everyone then thinks about what kind of monster Gama has become.

Outside, Kashitarou notices that Gama is done. Kashitarou then thinks that its Zenmaru's turn to show what he is capable of.



Ogame SchoolEdit


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