Chapter 88
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter Eighty-Eight
Arc Year Later Arc
Pages 21
Chapter 87 Chapter 89

Chapter 88 is the eighty-eighth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Gama and Zenmaru stand in from of Shinnojou.


Kamedenbou takes on the last of the Muhou soldier, and a informent tells them that Jinsuke is coming to Juuren Village.


Shinnojou tells Gama and Zenmaru that he heard that they have gotten stronger. Zenmaru and Gama tell him that they did get stronger in their own way. Kashitarou thinks about Shinnojou's strength and how Gama, Zenmaru, Shinnojou, Iori, and himself will make the Ogame School the ultimate school. Senka then reconizes Kashitarou, which Kashitarou tell her to get on all four, which cause Senka to beat Kashitarou up. Yumeji then asks about her dad and the other and they have to go help them.

Elsewhere, Kamedenbou finished killing all the soldiers from the outside. Kamedenbou then hears a noise from inside, which he notices that Rintarou and Shimoda are defeat. Nishio then introduces himself and also says that he is surprised that Kamedenbou has that must strength left. Kamedenbou then has a chat with Nishio about how he was about to beat Rintarou and Shimoda. Nishio then challenges Kamedenbou to a fight. At the other location, Shinnojou, Gama, and Zenmaru tells Yumeji to not to worry and that Kamedenbou is the one who made Jinsuke follow him as a student. Kamedenbou the accepts Nishio's challenge. Nishio then thinks about Kamedebou and then charges at him. Kamedenbou then uses Muhyou no Jinrai. Shimoda then reconizes the tachniques and says that Kamedenbou had created it.

Kamedenbou then notices that someone is in a tree and throws his sword. Kamedenbou then asks who the guy is the tree is, which Tsuchiryuu tell them who he is. Tsuchiryuu then apologizes for Nishio breaking the one years trunce and tell them that Jinsuke is coming to Juuren Village. Elsewhere, Jinsuke arrives with Ranmaru and Mario. Jinsuke says that he is looking forward to meeting his son, and that he will kill him if he hasn't become a skilled swordsmen.



Ogame SchoolEdit


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