Chapter 93
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter Ninety-Three
Arc 47 Corps Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 92 Chapter 94

Chapter 93 is the ninrty-third chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Gama asks if Zenmaru will be okay, and that he has a bad feeling about Zenmaru's opponents.


Zenmaru takes on the two soldiers on the rope bridge.


Gama tells Shinnojou that he has a bad feeling about the guys Zenmaru is facing. Zenmaru tells Gama that he doesn't need him to get involved and says that in order to beat the Muhou School and his brother, he will have to take of the two guys by himself. Gama, Kashitarou, and Shinnojou then comment on what Zenmau just said.

One guy then pulls out a weapon, which Kashitarou tell them that its a chakram and explains what it is to them. The guy then throws it, which Zenmaru dodges it, but the chakram still cut the rope. Zenmaru then loses his footing and that other guy attacks him. Zenmaru then blocks his attack and thinks about the guys strength. Zenmaru then dodges the next blow and notices that the bold one throw another chakram. Zenmaru then divert the chakram and notice that the other guy in missing. Zenmaru then notices when he comes out of the side of the bridge and blocks his attacks. Zenmaru then cuts the guys arm off. Zenmaru is then surprised when the guy gets up and have a weird look on his face. Shinnojou then yells Zenmaru to watch out from behind, and notices that the other guy have bombs strapped to him. Shinnojou then stabs the bold one, and then tells Zenmaru to run. Zenmaru is then catch by the other guy and both Zenmaru and Shinnojou are catch in the blast.

Elsewhere, the commander is talks with one of his subordantes and how the battle has begun. He also tells him that They will annihilate the Ogame School.





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