Chapter 98
Kanji 第章
Romaji Dai Shou
Chapter Ninety-Eight
Volume Volume 12
Arc 47 Corps Arc
Pages 20
Chapter 97 Chapter 99

Chapter 98 is the ninety-eighth chapter of the Gamaran series.

Front PageEdit

Gama tells Ryuuhou that he won't lose to him.


Ryuuhou uses his strongest technique against Gama.


Gama tells Ryuuhou that he won't lose to him. Ryuuhou then tells Gama then reason why he obtained power. Yashichi then says Ryuuhou's stance has turned series. Yashichi then says that is impossible to defeat Ryuuhou and explains why. Ryuuhou then thrust at Gama with one arm, which Gama barley dodges. Ryuuhou then thrust again, which Gama still barely dodges. Ryuuhou then compliments Gama for surviving his attac, but tells him that he will show him what hell is really like. Ryuuhou then takes a stance and then thrust at Gama. Ryuuhou barely hits Gama, then swings and injures Gama. Gama then thinks about how the claw of Ryuuhou's weapon is increasing the damage of his attack. When Ryuuhou's attack is finished, Gama counterattacks and injures Ryuuhou. Both Ryuuhou and Yashichi then thinks about what Gama had done. Gama then tells Ryuuhou that a drug can't conpare to the training that he had done. Gama also tells him that he will show him what his sword can do.



Muhou SchoolEdit


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