Daimaru Family






Daimaru Ryuugo (Decease)

Daimaru Souji (Decease)

Daimaru Genzou (Decease)

Daimaru Shinosuke (Decease)

Daimaru Gorou

Daimaru Sakon (Decease)

The Daimaru Family is a clan of martial artists of Unabara, founder of the Kyousen School of martial arts, which according to them existed since the Sengoku period.


The Daimaru Family doesn't seem to have a crest, though the symbol of their school is simply a squared parchment with the kanji for Kyousen on them.


  • Daimaru Ryuugo: The eldest son, he's the most manipulative of the family, as he willingfully turned his brother Sakon into an inhuman monster and let him kill his father.
  • Daimaru Souji: The second son, wants to take over the clan.
  • Daimaru Genzou: The third son, the most blood-thirsty.
  • Daimaru Shinosuke: The fourth son.
  • Daimaru Gorou: The fifth son, the most calm and level-headed.
  • Daimaru Sakon: The youngest child, who also happens to be the strongest member of the Kyousen School.


All the sons (except for Sakon) have a number in their name, corresponding to their age (except for Ryuugo).

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