Five Dragons
Five Dragons




Gou Ryuu


Chapter 26 (Mentioned)

Five Dragons, also known as "The 5 Great Schools of Unabara". 5 schools within Unabara, other than the Ogame School , that have completed to be the strongest.


Tamagakushi SchoolEdit

  • The Tamagakushi School is a school that specializes in ninjutsu. This school is also the one with the most members.

Kannari SchoolEdit

  • The Kannari School is a school that specializes in Iaijutsu.

Myoujin SchoolEdit

  • The Myoujin School is a school that specializes in Sojutsu. This school has only four members that each wield one of the four divine spears.

​Kuribayashi SchoolEdit

  • It is unknown what the Kuribayashi school pratices as they were defeat before they could make an appearance.

Urabe Ippo SchoolEdit

  • The Urabe Ippo School is considered the strongest of the five schools.


The name "Five Dragons" is a pun on the homophony of Ryuu (as in Dragon) and Ryuu (As in School).