Gama Kurogane Vs. Itou Ranmaru Round 2
Gama Vs. Ranmaru 2


Year Later Arc




Gama Kurogane Vs. Itou Ranmaru



Previous Battle:

Oizumi Kamedenbou Vs. Nishio Motoji

Next Battle:

Ichinose Zenmaru Vs. Two 47 Corps Soldiers

Gama Kurogane Vs. Itou Ranmaru Round 2 is a battle between Gama Kurogane of the Ogame School and Itou Ranmaru of the Muhou Schoo.


Gama remembers what his dad did and what he told him years ago, which Gama tell his dad that since his father's betrayal he has lived to defeat him. Gama then takes a stance and says that he is going to kill him. Gama then attacks his dad, which then Ranmaru blocks it.


Ranmaru then comments about how Gama has improved, and then says that Gama is out of his league. Gama then asks how far will Ranmaru get in his way, but then asks how Naoyoshi is doing. Gama then tells Ranmaru that he is different than a year ago and pushes, which Ranmaru thinks about how Gama is pushing him back. Ranmaru then deflects Gama, which Gama thinks about how Ranmaru broke off their clash of might. Ranmaru then thinks about how a year ago he was the stronger one, which Gama then tells Ranmaru that he can now read Ranmaru's movements. Ranmaru then comments about how those were some pretty big words, and tells Gama to come while taking a stance. Ranmaru then tells Gama to come at his will everything that he has or he will kill Gama, which Gama says that he knows. Gama then takes a stance, which then they both charge at each other. Ranmaru then notices that Gama is using Shidensen, which Gama then uses Shidensen to accelerate to Ranmaru. Ranmaru then notices that something is wrong, which Gama then attacks and breaks Ranmaru's sword. Ranmaru then thinks about how Gama was faster then him, and thinks that he is going to kill Gama.


Jinsuke then puts his hand of Ranmaru's shoulder and tells him that that is enough. Jinsuke then says that the battle is going to have to continue next time, and then tells Gama that he is impressed. Jinsuke then says that Gama's Shidensen was impressive and that he will give the Ogame School the privilege of battling the Muhou School.


  • This is Gama and Ranmaru's second confrontation.
  • This battle reveals what Ranmaru's fighting style is.

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