Genkon Ryu



Stringed Soul Style



Former Leader

Yamanoue Kiyomori

Genkon Ryu (絃魂(げんこん)流, Stringed Soul Style) was a style of Kenpou founded and led by Yamanoue Kiyomori. It's centered around special attacks involving fingers and aimed at nerves and other vulnerable spots.

Former MembersEdit

Yamanoue Kiyomori: Some time in the past, Kiyomori founded the Genkon School and  taught it to his pupils. He then left the school when Kurogane Jinsuke hired him in the Muhou School as a member of the Personal Corps. What became of the other students is unknown.


Tenmyaku Kisatsu (Heavenly Pulse Killer): An unarmed technique that uses the index and middle fingers to strike to block off the nerves in his opponent's body. Doing so puts the opponent in a situation that is equivalent to losing an arm or leg.

Senga Jinkei (Piercing Fang of Divine Strength) : An unarmed technique that Kiyomori calls his ultimate technique. By using his extrodinary finger strength, he focuses all of his weight onto his needle-like fingertip. Doing so creates a highly destructive technique that allows Kiyomori to thrust his arm through someone's body while also removing their heart.

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