Hanamura's Squad
Hanamura's Squad

Original Name:





Muhou School (Formerly Soujin School

Advisor in Charge:

Hanamura Riichirou


Hanamura Riichirou

Notable Members:

Toudou Koma

Kuro Hajime



First Appearence:

Chapter 107

Hanamura's Squad was a squad composed by ten people, mostly by Corps Commanders and all former disciples of the Soujin School under the direct leadership of the Muhou School advisor Hanamura Riichirou. They ambushed Sakura Shinnojou and a wounded Ichinose Zenmaru and eventually clashed against their reinforcements (Sengoku Iori, Kizaki Gensai and Arata's archers).


  • Hanamura Riichirou: Team leader and advisor, former head of the Soujin School.
  • Toudou Koma: 9th Corps Commander and former elite of the Soujin School, loyally fights to Riichirou's side.
  • Kuro Hajime: 4th Corps Commander, saves Riichirou from Shin's attack. Later is wounded by the Nakaizumi School archers but survives.
  • Kamiyama: Corps Commander, shields Riichirou from Haou and has loses his right arm to it, falling dead soon afterwards.
  • Morimoto: Corps Commander, tries to attack Shin along with the other members but is blocked by the Nakaizumi arrows and killed by Shin.
  • Tattoo Member: A Corps Commander with shoulder-lenght black hair brushed back, empty eyes and black stripe-like tattooes under his eyes. He's shoot to death by the Nakaizumi arrows during their first volley.
  • Bald Member: A Corps Commander with bald head and short beard, first seen attacking a defenseless Zenmaru before being pushed back by Iori. Later he's put out of the game when his arm is pierced by En.
  • White Haired Member: A Corps Commander with brushy white hair and a sharp nose, was briefly seen attacking a defenseless Zenmaru before being pushed back.
  • Chin Protector Member: A Corps Commander with long hair wearing some sort of black cover on his chin that goes up to the sides of his head. Was briefly seen attacking Zenmaru before being pushed back.
  • Long-Haired Member: A Corps Commander with long hair gathered in a tail, seen surrounding Shin and Iori.
  • Fair Head Member: A Corps Commander with fair colored short hair seen surrounding Shin and Iori.


Overall StrengthEdit

This squad is one of the strongest and most dangerous of the Muhou School, thanks to their number and the strength of each member, since they're said to be stronger that the typical Corps Commander. Thanks to their long weapons and teamwork they were able to corner even powerful warriors like Sakura Shinnojou and Iori, stalling them for most of the battle. They're also shown to be careful, as they don't rush carelessly at their enemies unless they're combining their attacks.


  • Polearm: Unlike other squads, all the members of Hanamura's squad are equipped with the same weapon, the Polearm, since they're all from the same school.

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