Biographical Information
Kanji/Kana 神空
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age  ?? (alive)
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Affiliation Muhou School
Style Unknown
Manga Debut Chapter 120
Last Appearance Chapter 194

Jinkuu is a member of the Muhou School and one of the leader's Personal Corps member.



Jinkuu without his mask.

Jinkuu is a average person with light colored hair that is brushed back into spikes and braided in the back. He wears a large mask over his face, shaped like a shogi pawn. Underneath, he looks very young and handsome, with fair traits and wide eyes. He wears a large black jacket and light colored pants. He also carries a large object covered in clothe.

After the event Jinkuu wears a strawhat, a dark colored overshirt over a black undershirt, white pants, black socks, sandals, and carries two swords.


Jinkuu is a silent person. Whenever he does talk he gets straight to the point. He also is on friendly terms with Tsuchiryuu and the have a friendly chat.


At some piont Jinkuu joined the Personal Corps.


Eastern Gate ArcEdit

Jinkuu first appeared at the meet with rest of the Personal Corps. He listens as Jinsuke tells then to kill the Ogame School and their allies.

Matsumoto Muraku ArcEdit

The next day, Jinkuu meets up with Tsuchiryuu. He talks to Tsuchiryuu about what he done to the Ogame School. He then asks him who he thinks is the traitor who killed Riichirou is.

Arimaru ArcEdit

When Toujou returns, Jinkuu attends the meet between jinsuke and Toujou.

Conclusion ArcEdit

After seemingly disappear, Jinkuu makes his final appearence in Tsukikage's hideout, finishing him off  by chopping his head with a shortsword. He then removes his mask and tells Tsuchiryuu that he took care of all the soldiers on the outside, commenting on Tsukikage's foolishness in staying inside the castle knowing well that both of them were around. Eight days later he's seen with Tsuchiryuu while dressed as rounin, telling Shimon to hurry up and join them and the "others", as they intend to carry on Jinsuke's will.


Jinkuu is a capable martial artist as he was strongest enough to become one of the members of the leaders personal corps. His greatest skill seems to be ninjutsu, as he was tasked with killing Tsukikage along with Tsuchiryuu. Another testament to his power, is the fact that he managed to reach Tsukikage's hideout by taking down all the soldiers around it.


Jinku's Sword

Jinkuu's unknown weapon.

So far he's been seen near a very long object covered in cloth, similar to Yamashita's staff or Zenmaru's Sadanaga, implying to be either a polearm, a staff or a large sword. However it's true nature is still unknown and likely will never be revealed. He also used a shortsword to behead Tsukikage.


  • Jinkuu's name literally means "Divine Sky"
  • Is interesting to note that Tsukikage, Jinkuu and Tsuchiryuu all have only one name and are onmitsu, implying that their name is actually a sort of codename.