Kannari Ryu

神成流 (かんなりりゅう)


Kannari Ryu


Becoming a God Style




Kizaki Gensai

Former Members

Kudou Shimon


Chapter 28

Kannari Ryu (神成流, Becoming a God Style) is one of the Five Dragons of Unabara, along with the Tamagakushi School, Kuribayashi School, Myoujin School and Urabe Ippo School. Its specialty is Iaijutsu.


The only known member and current leader of the school is Kizaki Gensai, while it was revealed that Kudou Shimon was a former member and heir of the school.


Former MemberEdit

  • Kudou Shimon: The next leader of the school before he decided to leave.
  • Shuusuke: Former member of the school and apparently Shimon's best friend. Was killed by the former in a duel to see if he was worthy of becoming the new leader of the school.


  • Ultimate Quickdraw Technique of the Kannari School: Nagisengetsu (神成流居合 Calm Crescent Moon): The user draws his sword but instead of hilding the handle, he launches it at his opponent blocking their field of vision. He then grabs that sword in midair and slash his opponent.
  • Manjinuki ( 抜 Manji Draw): The ultimate and secret technique of the Kannari School. The user takes a left facing stance. Shimon then draws his blade by pulling the sheath back and wounding his opponent with an upward slash.

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