Kasanemanji School
Kasanemanji Ryu

卍卍流 (かさねまんじりゅう)


Kasanemanji Ryu


Layers of Manji




Matsumoto Muraku




Chapter 27

Kasanemanji Ryu (卍卍流 (かさねまんじりゅう), Layers of Manji) is a style that teaches one to use the Sickle and Chain. This style was strong enough to defeat one of the five dragon.



  • Matsumoto Muraku: was the leaders of the Kasanemanji School. He is a powerful fighter and easily out matched Gama during their first fight. His personal secret weapon is Futakubi Jashou.


  • Jaki: is a member of the Kasanemanji School. He has mastered the Jagon.
  • Kotarou: is a member of the Kasanemanji School. He has mastered the Mitsuboshi.
  • Unknown member with black hair tied into a ponytail.
  • Unknown member with wild light colored hair.
  • Unknown member with black hair put into a topknot.

Deadly Weapons of the Kasanemanji SchoolEdit

  • Futakubi Jashou (Two-Headed Snake Bell): Muraku wraps a chain
    • Two-Headed Snake Bell
    • Jagon
    • Mitsuboshi
    around his weist and hangs the sickle from it. He then uses two chained weights from his sleeves.
  • Jagon (Gold Snake): is a sickle and chain where the chain is connected to the blade and the weight is a spiked ball, resembling a medieval flail.
  • Mitsuboshi (Three Stars, Orion's Belt): is a sickle a chain that has three chains and three small weights. The sickle is morelike a dagger. The chain has a different shape to be more freely manipulated.


Orochi: (大蛇 Great Serpent): A combined attack: Jaki and Kotarou throw their chains at the enemy, then suddenlt change the direction of the chains, so that they end up hitting the enemy on the sides from two directions.

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