Kawasaki Vs. Mamiya Suzunosuke
Kawasaki Vs. Mamiya


Year Later Arc




Kawasaki Vs. Mamiya Suzunosuke


Mamiya Wins

Previous Battle:

Sengoku Iori Vs. Kuryuu Ango

Next Battle:

Gama Kurogane Vs. Mamiya Suzunosuke

Kawasaki Vs. Mamiya Suzunosuke is a battle between Kawasaki of the Juuren Village and Mamiya Suzunosuke of the Muhou School.


After taking out a muhou soldier, Kawasaki tells them others to escape while he takes care of the others. Mamiya then says that their are other warriors besides the three and that he will handle Kawasaki. Mamiya then says that he will be able to enjoy himself a little, which Kawasaki wonders why Mamiya is so intimidating.


Mamiya then takes a stance and then asks if they should start. Mamiya then starts to moving his blade, which Kawasaki wonders why Mamiya's blade is bending and how he can't read the swords movements. Mamiya then wounds Kawasaki, which Kawasaki thinks about how fast Mamiya is. Mamiya then says that Kawasaki is a nobody and that Kawasaki can't see his sword. Mamiya then repeatedly attacks Kawasaki until Kawasaki drops to his knees.


Mamiya then says that he is boring and that takes down Kawasaki was to easy. Mamiya then decribes Kawasaki as a puppet whose arms and legs don't move. Mamiya then says that before he kills Kawasaki, he is going to kill the people Kawasaki tries to protect.


  • The Rapier is introduced in this battle.

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