Biographical Information
Kanji/Kana 瑚太朗
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Affiliation Kasanemanji School
Style Kasanemanji Style
Manga Debut Chapter 27
Last Appearance Chapter 31

Kotarou is a member of the Kasanemanji School.


Kotarou is an average hieght thin man. He has black hair that is brushed back and thick sideburns. He also has thisk eyebrows and a big nose. He wears a sleeveless black jacket over a dark colored overshirt and a black undershirt. He also wears a light colored pants, black socks, and sandals.


Kotarou is a calm and collect person. He will stay calm even is combat.


Before he was introduced in the story, he had help his school pass the first round and even kill all the members of one of the five dragons.


Second Round ArcEdit

Kotarou appeared infront of the Naoyoshi and the Ogame School, with Jaki. He then watches Jaki faces the Ogame School. He is then surprised when Gama shows up and saves his friend. Murako then shows up and stops them. Kotarou then follows Muraku to the meeting.

After the meeting, Kotarou meets up with the Ogame School outside the castle after the meeting. He then faces Gama, along with Jaki. He and Jaki try to kill Gama with Orochi but Gama blocks it. He then brings out his Mitsuboshi after he counters Gama's counter attacks. He then attacks Gama, after Gama Jaki's first strike. He was able to catch Gama's sword and Leg, and hold him down. When Gama throws his sword, katorou dodges it. He then watches as Gama kills Jaki.

He then thinks on how to attack Gama. When the Tamagakushi School attacks them, Kotarou stops Gama from going to help his friends. He then tries to kill Gama, but Gama dodges and cut him. Kotarou then wonders what happened and dies.


Kotarou is a skilled with the


sickle and chain. He can freely manipulate the chain with the ease.


Mitsuboshi (Three Stars, Orion's Belt): is a sickle a chain that has three chains and three small weights. The sickle is morelike a dagger. The chain has a different shape to be more freely manipulated.


Orochi (Great Serpent): Kotarou and Jaki launch a simultaneous attacks with two weights and suddenly change their paths right in front of the enemy.




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