Maezono Chouei
Biographical Information
Kanji/Kana 前園 兆栄
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age  ? (Deceased)
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Affiliation Muhou School
Style Unnamed Sword Style
Manga Debut Chapter 81
Last Appearance Chapter 81

Maezono Chouei is the commander of the 16 Corps of the Muhou School.


Chouei is a well build man with long light colored har, thin eyebrows and a beard. He wears a black over shirt, over a black under shirt, bandages wrapped around his forearms, white pants with two lines across the top, black socks, and sandals. He also has a jacket drapped over his shoulders and carries two swords on his weist.


Chouei is a calm and confident person as he was willing to face Iori along with Rinkei.


At one point Chouei had joined the Muhou School and became the commander of the 16 Corps.


Iori Invasion ArcEdit

When Iori invaded the Muhou School, Chouei stood in Iori's way along with Rinkei after Iori killed Kura. He then tells Iori that he was surprised that Kura was taken down with a single swing and then introduced himself. He then has the top of his head cut off along with Rinkei's right after.


Chouei was a strong swordsmen as he was able to begin the commander of the 16 Corps. He holds his sword pointing downward while holding the tip with his right hand. He doesn't seem to be vey fast, as he was caught by surprise by Iori.


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