Mamiya Suzunosuke
Biographical Information
Kanji/Kana 間宮 鈴ノ介
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age  ?
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Affiliation Muhou School
Style unnamed Sword Style
Manga Debut Chapter 85
Last Appearance Chapter 87

Mamiya Suzunosuke is the commander of the 11th Corps and one of the commanders under Nishio's orders who attacked Juuren Village after the truce.


Mamiya is a very effeminate man with short black hair, a delicate face and a beauty mark under the eye. He wears the standard martial uniform of the Muhou School with baggy sleeves and pants and bandages covering his wrists and shins. He also wears what seems to be little shoulderpads.


Mamiya is confident in his skills, and very ambitious, as he immediatly turned his attention to Gama when he appeared. He doesn't seem to have qualms about killing defenceless people, including women. He also appears to be cautious, as he  carries three swords with him.


At some point in the past he was hired by the Muhou School and became Commander of the 11th Corps.


Year Later ArcEdit

He appears in Juuren village before Shimoda, congratulating with him for taking down his men and then wounding him with his rapier style. He then prepares to kill the people inside the house (Senka, Miika, Yumeji and the Hyuuga Brothers) but is interrupted by Gama, who break his sword. Aiming at his head, Suzunosuke draws another sword and tries to kill Gama but the newly trained youth dodges all his attacks and eventually sends him flying with a Swordless Tiger Drill, knocking him unconscious. What happened to him afterwards is unknown.


Mamiya is a very powerful fighter, and uses a special western sword called "Rapier" in battle. Thanks to his thin blade, Mamiya is capable of waving his weapon at great speed to the point that the enemies can't follow the blade and are impaled. However, the rapiers are easy to break, forcing Mamiya to take at least two more with him.



Mamiya's Rapier

Mamiya's Rapier:
Mamiya carriers two special western swords called a Rapier. It has a thin and light blade with no curvature that allows it to be flexable. However the rapiers are easy to break which forces Mamiya to take at least two or more with him.


  • Mamiya Suzunosuke vs. Kawasaki (Win)
  • Mamiya Suzunosuke vs. Gama Kurogane (Win)