Biographical Information
Kanji/Kana 森元
Rōmaji Morimoto
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Affiliation Muhou School (formerly Soujin School)
Style Soujin School Sojutsu
Manga Debut Chapter 108
Last Appearance Chapter 110

Morimoto was a Corps Commander of unknown rank of the Muhou School serving under Hanamura Riichirou


Morimoto is a normal-looking person with black, medium length hair and stubble on his chin. He wears the typical uniform of the Muhou School, composed by black, long-sleeved shirt with white borders, shoulderplates and pants. He also wears straw sandals.


Not much of Morimoto's personality is explored, but he seems to be loyal to Riichirou and capable of focusing on a single target.


In the past, Morimoto joined the Muhou School and became a Corps Commander along with his former Soujin School companions.


Ayanaka Forest ArcEdit

Morimoto appears along with Riichirou's troops to attack Shin and Zenmaru. During the battle against the Ogame School and Gensai Kizaki, he keeps an eye on the situation, waiting for the proper moment to attack. After Riichirou is wounded by Shin, Moritomo, along with Riichirou and another nameless member dash at Shinnojou for a combined attack, but he's attacked by the Nakaizumi School archers and has his feet impaled by an arrow. Before he can react or move out of the way, Shinnojou slice his throat, killing him.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Morimoto was a spearman of good skill, good enough to become a Corps Commander. According to Shin, he's supposedly superior to the other Commanders.


Morimoto, Hanamura Reichiirou and another member vs Sakura Shinnojou (lose)

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