Muraku Matsumoto Vs. Three Tamagakushi Ninjas
Muraku Vs. Tamagakushi Ninjas


Second Round Arc




Matsumoto Muraku Vs. Three Tamagakushi Ninjas


Muraku Wins

Previous Battle:

Gama Kurogane Vs. Jaki and Kotarou

Next Battle:

Gama Kurogane Vs. Muraku Matsumoto Vs. Fujibayashi Saizou

Muraku Matsumoto Vs. Three Tamagakushi Ninjas is the third battle of the second round of the Unabara Tournament. This battle is between Muraku Matsumoto of the Kasanemanji School and three ninjas of the Tamagakushi School.


Naoyoshi is surrounded by ninjas of the Tamagakushi School. Two of them talk about Naoyoshi, while the third one complains about how its difficult without using poison. Naoyoshi thinks about how he wanted to blend into the crowd but know he has to steel himself in order to achieve victory.


One of the ninjas then charges at Naoyoshi but is suddenly killed. Naoyoshi and the other two then notices that Muraku is coming. Muraku then compliments Naoyoshi for finding a good school since they defeated Jaki and Kotarou. Muraku then says that he was originally on protection duty but now he has to lead the charge. Naoyoshi then this is worst situation, which a ninja thinks about how Muraku isn't even looking about them. He then thinks about how Muraku's carelessness will lead to his downfall and throws a shuriken at Muraku. Muraku easily defects the shuriken but doesn't see the ninja behind him. Muraku then says that the Tamagakushi School has low ranked ninja and easily kills the one behind him. The last guy is then shocked and then easily killed a moment later.


Naoyoshi thinks about how strong Muraku is. Muraku then asks Naoyoshi how he wants to die, which Naoyoshi thinks about how their is no feeling behind Muraku's eye and that he is going to die. Muraku then goes for the kill, when a sword comes flying at them. Gama then comes as rams into Muraku, while saying that he had made it.


  • This is the first battle were one combatants didn't need to look at an opponent in order to defeat them.

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