Naginata (薙刀  Cleaving Sword or 長刀 Long Sword) is a kind of Japanese polearm similar to a glaive. It has a long wooden shaft and a curved blade resembling the one of a katana, but shorter. In the past, the naginata was mostly used by generals and also samurai, but it was slowly replaced by spears and katana. Is usually associated with women, but in trained hands it can become a deadly weapon, capable of slashing and piercing at any range. The only known users of naginata in Unabara are the members of the Tengen School led by Maki Baian and later the member of Jinsuke's Special Corps Toujou Shungaku. In the Tengen School, Hiyoshi and Akaboshi Junnosuke wields seemingly ordinary naginata.


  • Yukimura's Naginata: The weapon of Yukimura Masakiyo, its shaft is made of steel. However, it's still sliced by Gama's Hibashira attack.
  • Eima's Naginata: Eima's naginata looks ordinary, but actually hides a hidden knife in the other end, which Eima can pull out and use in case of emergency.


The Bisento (眉尖刀) is a larger and heavier version of the standard naginata, it has a thicker black shaft and a larger, curved blade. The design of this weapon was borrowed from the Chinese Guan Dao.

  • Baian's Bisento: Baian's Bisento has a black shatft and the blade is curved with a thick white edge and a black backside.
  • Eima's Bisento: It is the same as Baian's Bisento as it has a black shaft, but the blade is longer and slender.
  • Shungaku's Bisento: It is the same as Eima's Bisento as it has a black shaft, that same length and slender blade, but it has more decoration's on it.


  • 'Tsubame ('燕 Swallow): A technique displayed by Baian Maki,  it consist in combining an overhead slash with a thrust, resulting in a powerful slice attack with a great reach.
  • 'Ashinagi ('薙 Leg Cutter): A naginata technique displayed by Hiyoshi, is basically a low sweep attack aimed at the opponent's legs.

Tengen Style Secret Technique Renge('蓮華 Lotus Flower):Edit

  • First Flower Tsubaki ( 椿 Camelia): One person attacks first by making his opponent believe that he has over extended his Naginata, then swippes the legs with his back of the naginata causing them top land on his back.
  • Second Flower Botan (牡丹 Peony): Two others then attack with a cross attack which can break a sword and pushes the opponent back.
  • Third Flower Kuchinashi ( 梔 Gardenia): The first person then finish up with a slash that goes from down to up.

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