Ninjutsu (忍術 Art of Stealth) is the special style used by the ninja spies and assassins, usually in order to deceive the opponent and move unseen and undetected. In Unabara, this art is also used in battle, with the use of deception and hidden weapons to defeat any opponent. Users of Ninjutsu are usually referred to as "ninja or shinobi". During the Edo period they were also known as "onmitsu".

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Hidden WeaponsEdit

Also known as "Anki" (暗器, literally "Dark Weapon"), these weapons are carried by the shinobi and hidden over their bodies. Usually they're small blades, often poisoned. Other examples include shuriken and hidden needles.


Since they're not proper warriors, shinobi often use tricks or deception in order to achieve their goals. For example, using poison, wearing disguises to get closer to their victims and pull a sneak attack on them. They can also take advantage of a third party in their battle (just like Saizou did by hiring Agon and Hakuryuu).

List of Schools using NinjutsuEdit

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