The Sagas of the manga series Gamaran.

First Round SagaEdit

Introduction ArcEdit

Gama meets with Naoyoshi and decides to join the Unabara Grand Tournament as a representative of the Ogame School. After making it to Jouka, Gama is entered and then notified about how he will be facing against in the first round.

  • Chapters 2 (1-2)

Tengen School ArcEdit

Gama faces against the Tengen School on the first day that the tournament begins.

  • Chapters 5 (3-7)

Nakaizumi School ArcEdit

After facing against the Tengen School, Gama has an incounter with Nakaizumi Arata and his crazy arrows.

  • Chapters 5 (8-12)

Kyousen School ArcEdit

Days after recovering from his battles with the Tengen School and the Nakaizumi School, Gama faces against three members of the Kyousen School. Days later, Gama faces against Sakon to decide who will win the first round.

  • Chapters 10 (13-22)

Post Round One ArcEdit

After winning the first round, Gama is forced by Iori to learn the final technique of the Ikazuchi Kata. Later, Zenmaru and Shinnojou saves Naoyoshi's life and then joins the tournament.

Second Round SagaEdit

Second Round ArcEdit

Sometime later, Gama arrives back to Naoyoshi and helps to the castle. After finding out how the second round will be gone, Gama and the others are attacks by Jaki and Katorou after leaving the castle.

Tamagakushi School ArcEdit

After Gama finish defeating Jaki and Katorou, Gama and the others are attacked by the Tamagakushi School. While Zenmaru and Shinnojou face the others, Gama protect Naoysohi from Muraku and Sanzou.

Shinnojou's Revenge ArcEdit

After a day of resting, Gama and the rest are guided to their opponent by Ranmaru. When they run in the Souen School, Shinnojou takes of Misaku to get revenge on what Misaku did to him.

Myoujin School ArcEdit

When Gama, Zenmaru, and Naoyoshi get to the location, they are greeted by the Myoujin School. Gama and Zenmaru then face against the Myoujin School in a one-on-one fight, until Shinnojou and Iori show up.

  • Chapters 15 (44-58)

Muhou Invasion ArcEdit

After the Ogame School defeats the Myoujin School, they are suddenly attacked by the Muhou School. Gama and Zenmaru then take Naoyoshi and run, while Iori and Shinnojou deal with the one their.

Training SagaEdit

Juuren Village ArcEdit

After being defeating by the Muhou School, Gama, Zenmaru, Shinnojou, and Iori head back to the Ogame Dojo. The Ogame School then heads to Juuren Village to train Gama and Zenmaru. Later. Iori and Shinnojou face each other to see who will be the next leader of the Ogame School.

  • Chapters 13 (67-79)

Iori Invasion ArcEdit

Day later, Iori enters the Muhou School base to talks with Jinsuke about the Ogame School getting stronger in a year.

Year Later ArcEdit

A year later after training, the Ogame School is attack by Muhou Soldiers. Later, Jinsuke arrives at Juuren Village and informs then that their plans are almost finished.

Journey to Jouka SagaEdit

47 Corps ArcEdit

Days later while heading to Jouka, Gama and Kashitarou are seperated from Shinnojou and Zenmaru. Gama then faces off against the 47 corps and their leader, Kibe Ryuuhou.

Ayanaka Forest ArcEdit

After being seperated from Gama and Kashitarou, Shinnojou and Zenmaru travel through the Ayanaka Forest. Later the are attacked by Omiya Banri, Kuryuu Ango, Hanamura Riichirou and their troops, and then saved by Iori, Kizaki, and Arata.

Eastern Gate ArcEdit

After everyone makes it to Jouka, Gama along with Iori, Shinnojou, Zenmaru, Kashitarou, and Arata attack the eastern gate. Later, Gama faces against Riko who stands in their way.

Personal Corps SagaEdit

Yamanoue Kiyomori ArcEdit

When they break through the Eastern Gate, Zenmaru runs away after getting into an arguement with the others, and incounters Kiyomori. Later, Kashitarou shows up and faces Kiyomori after Zenmaru loses.

Front Gate ArcEdit

After fight finding out that a member of the personal corps is heading to the front gate, Iori dashes to head Kamedenbou and Kizaki. When he gets their, Iori battles against Tsurumaru.

Toudou's Revenge ArcEdit

When Riichirou is killed, Toudou heads to where Jinsuke is to avenge his master's death.

Matsumoto Muraku ArcEdit

A day later while Arata, Manjirou, and Shinnojou are out looking for the others, Gama, Zenmaru and Kashitarou are attacked. Later, Gama faces against Matsumoto Muraku when he shows up to face Gama.

Arimaru ArcEdit

The next day, the Ogame Shool and their allies head to the next gate and find out that Tsukikage is letting them pass through and that he is shogunate spy. Later while they are heading to the next gate, they comes across a sandy area and Arimaru who is able to fight perfectly in that area.

Grudge SagaEdit

Final Assault ArcEdit

The Ogame School and their allies break throught the final gate but are confronted by Toujou and his disciple Eima. Gama then confront Eima who hold a grudge against Gama from killed Maki. Later Gama remembers the evens that had happened 6 years ago when his father betrayed the Ogame School.

Omiya Banri ArcEdit

Later, Shinnojou and Zenmaru seperated from the others and are confronted by Omiya Banri. Shinnojou then challenges Banri, while Zenmaru takes on the soldiers that were chasing them.

Kannari School ArcEdit

Elsewhere, Kamedenbou and Kizaki seperated from the others and are surrounded. When Shimon shows up, Kizaki reveals that Shimon was his former student. Kizaki then faces off against Shimon.

Honmaru SagaEdit

Shogunate Attack ArcEdit

Gama continues his battle against Toujou. Toujou then reveals that Gama possesses that Eyes of Divine Sight. Later when the Shogunate soldiers attack, Toujou reveals what the shogunates plan is and tells Gama to head to were his friend is.

Rescue Riko ArcEdit

After the Shogunate attacks, Iori along with Manjirou head to Riko is being held. Later after getting to were Riko is, Iori is challenged by Kuryuu Ango.

Itou Ranmaru ArcEdit

When Gama makes it to Naoyoshi's location, Gama is challenged by Ranmaru. At the sametime, Kai is confronted Mario for being a traitor and faces him, as Zenmaru watches the battle.

Muhou Strongest ArcEdit

Later, Iori makes it to Jinsuke location and challenges him to a battle. While at the same time, Zenmaru faces against Mario after Mario defeats his brother.

Conclusion ArcEdit

Later, Gama confronts his father. Days later, we find out what happened to most of the characters in the series.

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