Sengoku Iori Vs. Kuryuu Ango
Iori Vs. Ango


Iori Invasion Arc




Sengoku Iori Vs. Kuryuu Ango



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Sengoku Iori Vs. Muhou School

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Kawasaki Vs. Mamiya Suzunosuke

Sengoku Iori Vs. Kuryuu Ango is a battle between Sengoku Iori of the Ogame School and Kuryuu Ango of the Muhou School.


After Iori talks to Jinsuke, Ango gets angry and yells that if they are not going to join them, then he will kill Iori right here. Iori responds by saying that he doesn't might facing Ango right now, because he was prepared to die the moment he had busted into the school. Iori also says that he will not go down easy and that he will take half of them with him to hell. Ango then tells a soldier to go get Tatsugiri, which the soldier says that he will.


After Ango recieves Tatsugiri, he tells Iori that he will be enough to handle Iori. Ango then reveals that he notices that Iori's movements have been strained, and that he thinks that Iori has been wounded before he came her. Iori then thinks that Ango has figured it out and takes a stance, which Ango says that he doesn't give a shit about it and takes a stance. Iori thinks about how Ango figured it out with a glance and that Ango is using a Nagimaki, while Ango thinks about the ovewhelming presense that Iori is giving off and how he can't let his guard down. They then think that they have to give it everything they have and that they will be victorious. Iori and Ango then charge at each other and thinks about how they will give it everything they have. Iori and Ango are then about to clash when Jinsuke stops them.


Jinsuke then compliments Iori about how much Iori has improved from 5 years ago. Iori then thinks about how Jinsuke was able stop their attacks and how strong Jinsuke is. Jinsuke then asks how strong they will get after a year, which Iori says that they are going to deny Jinsuke's sword. Jinsuke then tells Iori to do it if they can, and that after a year he will recieve their swords.


  • This is the first battle of Kuryuu Ango.
  • The Nagimaki is introduced in this battle.

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