Shinnojou's Revenge Arc
Shinnojou's Revenge Arc


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Shinnojou's Revenge Arc is the eighth ar of the Gamaran series. This arc is where Shinnojou geting his revenge against Nikaidou Misaku for what he did against the previous school the he trained at.


The Current ResultsEdit

Nachi informs Naosada, that three school and three daimyo candidates have advanced to the third round after one day. Nachi also says that their are four remaining school, which Naosada's asks who they are. Nachi then reveals that they are the Myoujin School, Urabe Ippou School, Kasanemanji School, and the Ogame School. Naosada then says that all of them are strong, and that its surprising that the Myoujin School and the Urabe Ippou School haven't advanced.

About the Souen SchoolEdit

Nachi then says that weaklings will lose the second round, and that those with onlu pure combat ability will also not find themselves unable to obtain victory. Naosada then says that Nachi speaks of the Souen School, which Nachi says that they were a disappointment. Nachi then talks about the Souen School's leader, Nikaidou Misaku, and how he attacked dojo's within Unabara 10 years ago. Naosada then says that Misaku is still alive and that only the lord was beheaded. Naosada then also says that losers such as the Souen School are the most dangerous prospet for the remaining for schools.

Finding An OpponentEdit

Elsewhere, Naoyoshi decides to head out and find an opponent, which Zenmaru says that that is crazy. They then notice Ranmaru when he calls out to Gama. They then prepare for battle, but Ranmaru tells them that he is going to show them the location of one of their opponents. Ranmaru then explains that he has negotiated with a lord for them to fight, and that they have to hurry. Zenmaru then says Ranmaru is probably after Naoyoshi's head, with Ranmaru says that he is targeting all of them and that his school has already advanced to the third round.

Ranmaru's MasterEdit

Naoyoshi then asks why Ranmaru is helping them, which Ranmaru says that his master Jinsuke Kurogane and Naoyoshi mother has requested that he help the Ogame School. Gama, Shinnojou, and Zenmaru then thinks about how Jinsuke founded a new school and that Jinsuke is helping them out. Ranmaru then tells them that he was only told to help them and that he doesn't know the reason why. Gama then says that he will go and that if Ranmaru wanted to fight us then he would have attacked us head on. Naoyoshi then says that he will go and that he can't afford to lose this tournament. Shinnojou then says that they don't have a choise, and that they can't agonizing about the path that they take.

Heading to the LocationEdit

They all then head to the location where their opponents are. Gama then asks who their opponents are, which Ranmaru tells gama to not let his guard down because he was only sent to guide then and not protect them. Gama then wonders what he means, which Zenmaru then says that he heard a sword swung and smells something. They then notice some corpse, which Naoyoshi wonders if they are from the tournament. Shinnojou then says that they are from schools that are not participating in the tournament, which comments about how all the corpses are slashed across the eyes. Shinnojou then thinks about that he was right and that the corpses were killed by people who lose in the second round.

An Enemy AppearsEdit

They then notice three people, who plan to kill them. Naoyoshi then says that one of the is Nikadou Misaku of the Souen School and that they are another school from the second round. Ranmaru then reveals that their lord's head was taken and then asks Gama what he plans to do. Gama then says that he is going to kill them, which Misaku says that they seems like an interesting bunch. Shinnojou then tells Gama that he will take all three of them on, and for them to go on ahead. Shinnojou then tells Misaku that he has returned to demon's lair, which Misaku asks who he is. Shinnojou then says that he is the one who land a blow on his face.

Shinnojou's PastEdit

Shinnojou then remmeber 10 years ago when he was made the successor of the Itten School, and the fiance of Sachi. He then remember when Sachi told him about man that was attacking dojo's, which Shinnojou tells her that he will protect the Itten School and her. Shinnojou then remember when he says that Itten School destroye by Misaku and how he landed a blow on Misaku's face. He also remember what Misaku told him and that they should fight again when Misaku returns. Misaku then says that he remembers Shinnojou, which Shinnojou says that he joined the Ogame School. Shinnojou then says that his sword has gained the madness that Misaku talked about, which Misaku says that he is glad that they got to meet again. Amane then steps forward and says that he won't let a nameless swordman take on Misaku. Amane then says that he is going to fight Shinnojou, but is suddenly beheaded by Shinnojou. Shinnojou then says that he is glad that he could meet with Misaku and that all Misaku dying in agony will  quiet his heart.

The OpponentsEdit

Gama, Zenmaru, Naoyoshi, and Ranmaru then head to where their opponents are without Shinnojou. Gama then asks if Naoyoshi is okay, which Naoyoshi says that he is fine. Naoyoshi then asks if Shinnojou will be fine, which Zenmaru says that Shinojou's strength is no joke and that Shinnojou has the look when he is going to kill. Ranmaru then tells Gama that he doesn't have the time to worry about other and that their opponents want to kill Gama. Elsewhere, the Myoujin School are wondering if Ranmaru are going to bring the Ogame School. Naokatsu then says that they look ready to battle, and tells them that he will leave it to them. Back at Gama and the other's location, Ranmaru tells them that their opponent is the Myoujin Schoo, which Naoyoshi notices the name. Gama then asks if Naoyoshi knows about them, which tells them that the Myoujin School is not of the Five Dragon. Naoyoshi then tells them that the Myoujin School has a unique way of passing on their techniques and that their is one four members of the school. Naoyoshi also says that the Myoujin School is strong because they have battle for the title of strongest with onlyfour members. Gama then asks if Naoyoshi is scared, and that to not to worry since they are going to win against any opponent. Gama also says that they are going to win the second round, which Zenmaru says that the Ogame School is the strongest.

Shinnojou Vs. MisakuEdit

Elsewhere, Misaku asks Shinnojou if it is alright to let his friends go on ahead, which Shinnojou tells him that they don't have the time to play with him. Misaku then says that he will face Shinnojou and draws his swords, which Shinnojou thinks that he will slay him today. Miskau then tells Ukyou to stay back, and thinks that Shinnojou has grown stronger since the last time he saw him. Shinnojou then attacks, but Misaku diverts the slash. Misaku then notices that Shinnojou is attacking his blind side, and is wounded on the eye that Shinnojou cut 10 years ago. Misaku then thinks that Shinnojou is impressive and that he is able to witness Shinnojou swordmanship. Shinnojou then attacks Misaku with Gekirin, which Miskau notices the sword is changing direction.

Arriving at the LocationEdit

Elsewhere, Ranmaru tells the others that they have arrived that their destination. Zenmaru then says that the place isn't the Myoujin School dojo. Ranmaru then tells them that the dojo is of a school that the Myoujin School defeat during the first round and that the Myoujin School is currently inside with their lord. Gama then thinks about that the Myoujin School wants to have a dojo battle, which Naoyoshi thinks that they are going to fight one of his brother and that he will kill him. They then head in and are greeted by Naokatsu. Naoyoshi is then shocked, which Naokatsu says that he had faith that Naoyoshi would come and then tells them to come inside so that they have have a fair fight, even if it means that one of them dies.

Shinnojou Vs. Misaku Part 2Edit

Shinnojou is then shocked when Misaku blocks Shinnojou's attack with his second sword. Misaku then attacks Shinnojou but Shinnojou jumps back. Misaku then thinks about how he only uses two swords against worthy opponents, and also thinks about how using two sword affords him with the ultimate defense and attack. Misaku then takes his stance, Magamitsuki, and tells Shinnojou that he is going to block all of Shinnojou's attacks and then kill him. Misaku then tells Shinnojou to show him his sword skills, which Shinnojou tells Misaku that he has change from 10 years ago. Shinnojou then remembers when he had nightmares about what had happen and how he became comceitted from the title of chold prodigy.

Continuing the BattleEdit

Shinnojou then attacks Misaku, but Misaku notices Shinnojou's movements and blocks the attack. Misaku then tries to attack but Shinnojou blocks the attack. Shinnojou then attack from below, which Misaku then notices and blocks the attack. Misaku then says that his defense is flawless, which Shinnojou says that it won't hit him. Shinnojou then attacks with Hibashira, but Misaku notices it and dodges. Misaku then thinks about what Shinnojou was going to do, but is surprised when Shinnojou cut his chin with Onigaeshi. Shinnojou then thinks about how the technique works and how its a two stage slash. Misaku then thinks about the technique that Shinnojou used. Shinnojou then tells Misaku that its his turn to have everything stolen from him. Misuka then says that Shinnojou is getting carried away, which Shinnojou says that Misaku doesn't know the situation he is in. Shinnojou then wonder if he will be releashed from the nightmare that he has, if he kills Misaku, and then tells Misaku that he is meaningless to him.

The Last AttacksEdit

Misaku then get angry and says that he is going to kill Shinnojou. Misaku that takes his Muhi Musou Renjin stance, which Ukyo notice what Misaku is doing and what he plans to do. Misaku then attack from the left, but Shinnojou diverts the attack and sends the sword flying. Misaku then thinks that he has Shinnojou, and attacks with his right. While attacking, Misaku thinks about how his technique work and then slashes, but is surprised when Shinnojou blocks it. Shinnojou then wounds Misaku, which Misaku jumps back. Misaku then thinks about how he had lost one of his swords and that he had to step back. Shinnojou then takes a stance, which Misaku notices it and decides to block it with his sword. Shinnojou then uses Tanryuu Hibaku to trust his sword in Misaku's eyes, and then kills Misaku by slashing his head. Shinnojou then says that his grudge has come to an end and that he has avenged everyone of the in the Itten School.

Iori Shows UpEdit

Iori then shows up and compliments Shinnojou on the skills during his fight. Shinnojou then says that he knew that Iori was watching the fight, and notices that Iori had kill Ukyo. Shinnojou then asks what Iori has been up to, which Iori tells him that he doesn't fight unless their is someone he wants to fight. Iori then tells Shinnojou that he will tag along since they are going to be fighting against the Myoujin School. Elsewhere, Banri greets the Ogame School and tells Gama that they have been waiting for him. Banri then tells them that they should get the fight started.



Ogame SchoolEdit

Souen SchoolEdit

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