Tamagakushi Ryu

魂隠流 (たまがくしりゅう)


Tamagakushi Ryu


Hidden Soul Style




Fujibayashi Saizou



Tamagakushi Ryu (魂隠流 (たまがくしりゅう, Hidden Soul Style) is a style focused on Ninjutsu, and one of the Five Dragons of Unabara along with the Kannari School, the Myoujin School, the Kuribayashi School and Urabe Ippou School. Is the weakest of the five schools.


Among the Five Dragons, the Tamagakushi School is the one with the largest number of members, though most of them, being ninjas, are less skilled at real combat than members of the other schools. Their leader is Fujibayashi Saizou, while the only other named members are Shu and Yagoro. A nameless member with an odd X shaped mark on his face appears later at the service of the Muhou School during Iori's attack on Unabara's castle.


  • Fujibayashi Saizou: The leader of the school and its strongest member, also known as "Soul Binder" Saizou, because of his paralyzing technique.


  • Shu: A lesser member, very few is known of him. Killed by Matsumoto Muraku.
  • Yagoro: A lesser member, apparently was expert at poisoning. Killed by Matsumoto Muraku.
  • Unnamed Marked Member: A lesser member with spiky hair sporting an unusual red x-shaped mark on his face. He was first seen fighting Shinnojo and Zenmaru and barely evaded Zenmaru's Sadanaga and swore revenge. Later he was hired with the remaining members by the Muhou School as underlings, and was put in charge of one of the outer gates. He was defeated by Iori barehanded. He was briefly seen during the Ogame School assault on the outer gate.

Weaponry and TechniquesEdit

Being a school of Ninjutsu, the members mainly rely on sneak attacks, hidden weapons and treachery to defeat their enemies. When they have to fight, they'll usually surround their opponents and outnumber them. Most of the members are equipped with ninjato, and others are skilled in using bo shurikens (needle-shaped shurikens) or other hidden weapons. Apparently they can also use poison, but since the rules of the second turn strictly prohibited the use of poisons they were unable to use it.


  • Tamagakushi School Fudo Kanashibari Jutsu (Secret Paralyzing Technique): Saizou's famous technique which he uses to paralyze his opponents, apparently through magic. Is later revealed that this technique consist in throwing tiny needles known as Waishin (Short Needle) in the opponent's joints: the needle is incredibly sturdy, and even if it's painless when it penetrates, is nearly impossible removing it without cutting open the area around it first.