Tengen School
Tengen Ryu



Tengen Ryu


Heavenly Illusion School




Maki Baian


Yakushiji Eima
Yukimura Masakiyo
Akaboshi Junnosuke


Chapter 2

Tengen Ryu (天幻流, Heavenly Illusion Style) is a school made by Maki Baian , which is a naginata school. The school is young, as it only has exsisted for three years. Their school fought the Ogame School in the first round of the Great Unabara Tournament. All of the members of the Tengen School were killed by Gama except Yakushiji Eima



  • Maki Baian: is the leader of the Tengen School. His desire was to have the Tengen Style become the best of them all.


  • Yakushiji Eima: Eima origanally wanted to defeat Maki so that he would us his status to become a daiymo, but after losing 15 time he decide to join Maki.


  • Hiyoshi: is a student of the Tengen School. He was the third to be killed by Gama.
  • Yukimura Masakiyo: is a student of the Tengen School. He was the second to be killed by Gama.
  • Akaboshi Junnosuke: is a student of the Tengen School. He is the first to be killed by Gama.


  • Swallow: A technique displayed by Baian Maki,  it consist in combining an overhead slash with a thrust, resulting in a powerful slice attack with a great reach.
  • Ashinagi (Leg Cutter): A naginata technique displayed by Hiyoshi, is basically a low sweep attack aimed at the opponent's legs.

Tengen Style Secret Technique "Renge":Edit

  • First Flower "Tsubaki" (Camelia): One person attacks first by making his opponent believe that he has over extended his Naginata, then swippes the legs with his back of the naginata causing them top land on his back.
  • Second Flower "Botan" (Peony): Two others then attack with a cross attack which can break a sword and pushes the opponent back.
  • Third Flower "Kuchinashi" (Gardenia): The first person then finish up with a slash that goes from down to up.

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