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Training Saga is the third saga of the Gamaran series. This is were the Ogame School heads to Juuren Village to train in order to face the Muhou School. While in the village, Gama and Zenmaru train in order to stronger. During this time, Iori and Shinnojou battle to see who will be the next leader of the Ogame School. Afterwards, Iori invades that Muhou School and negotiates with Jinsuke for a one year truce. After a year passes, Juuren Village is attacked by the Muhou School.


At the Ogame SchoolEdit

At the Ogame School, Kamedenbou this about how its been a month since Zenmaru and Shinnojou left for Jouka and that he hasn't received any word from them. Kamedenbou then wonders if they have died, when Masato and Kosaburou tell Kamedenbou that they have finished cleaning the dojo. The Hyuuga brothers then tells Kamedenbou that since the did the cleaning for a month then Kamedenbou would teach them Ogame School techniques, which Kamedenbou wonders who they are. Senka then tells them that she found some dust and to clean again, which the brother then yell at her. They then get into an argument, which Senka then tells them that they have been getting stronger. Masato then thinks about how they have master all the household chores and that they have master the Ogame School. Senka then tells them that they are now member of the Ogame School and to keep putting their backs into the chores.

Return to the DojoEdit

Later, Iori returns to the dojo and wonder where Gama, Zenmaru, and Shinnojou are. Masato and Kosaburou then  appear and tells Iori that he is not going to get throught he gate without beating them. Iori then asks who they are, which they tells him that they are the Hyuuga Brothers and that Twin Dragons of the Ogame School. Iori then says that all he has to do is beat them to get through the gate, which Masato tells him to no underestimate them. Masato then says that he will show him the result of his traning, and break a rock with his hand. Kosaburou is then shocked that the rock broke, which Iori then says that that is not useful in a fight and knocks Masato out. Gama, Zenmaru and Shinnojou then show up and they head inside.

The Current SituationEdit

Senka then greet them but notices that Gama and Zenmaru are depressed. Senka then asks what happened, which Shinnojou says that Naoyoshi was abducted by Jinsuke. Shinnojou then says that Iori is currenting talking to the master. Elsewhere, Iori tells Kamedenbou what Jinsuke is planning on doing. Iori then asks what to do since they didn't didn't accept Jinsuke invitation, which Kamedenbou says that he doesn't want them to sit around. Iori then says that they are going to go to war with the Muhou School and that the Muhou School is made up of strong martial artist. Iori then asks to use Juuren Village, in order the make Gama and Zenmaru into elite students. Gama then thinks about that he can get stronger and enter the room saying that he wants to going their to get stronger.

The Muhou Attacks the DojoEdit

Days later, the Muhou School invades the Ogame Dojo and find no one. Gakushin then says that they should send a search team, which Souun then stops him saying that Jinsuke will eventually give the order. Gakushin then tells Souun to not lecture him, which Souun tells him that he is just putting a stop to his recklessness. Gakushin then says that he just want Jinsuke to recognize his abilities and make him a big shot. Gakushin then talks about howRanmaru was promoted to the Personal Corps, which Souun says that it was ievitable because Jinsuke had train Ranmaru himself.

Ranmaru meets with KaiEdit

At Jouka, Ranmaru is walking in the castle when he suddenly meets with Kai. Kai then caongratulates Ranmaru for his promotion and then talks about how Ranmaru is the bodyguard of Naoyoshi. Ranmaru then thanks him and apologizes because he has to go. Kai then points out that Ranmaru failed to complete his assigned task, and didn't bring Gama to the Muhou School. Ranmaru then says that Gama will not serve under Jinsuke and leaves. Kai then says that Ranmaru's true intentions slip out and that Ranmaru is an intriguing guy.

Nayoshi RemembersEdit

Elsewhere, Naoyoshi wonder what he should do. Naoyoshi then thinks about how his mother told him that he will become daimyo. He also remembers when his mother told him to cooperate with Jinsuke to walk the path of supremacy. Naoyoshi then asks if she want him to join hand with Jinsuke, which his mother tells him that her happiness if Jinsuke's happiness. She then asks Naoyoshi to make her happy. Naoyoshi then wonder what to do, because if he join Jinsuke then he becomes the enemy of Gama.

Journey to Juuren VillageEdit

Elsewhere, the Ogame School is heading to Juuren Village. The Hyuuga Brother asks how long until they reach Juuren Village, which Kamedenbou says that its a bit further. Senka then asks Iori to give her a piggy back rider, which Iori says that she can walk on her own and Masato says that she got shot down. Gama then asks Iori is they are almost their and if he can get stronger their, which Iori tells him yes. Iori then says that Shin, Jinuske, and him have all gotten stronger their, which Gama says that they should go faster. Gama then says that Naoyoshi got kidnapped because he was weak and that he has to get stronger. Zenmaru then says that its his fault that Naoyoshi was kidnapped, which causes Zenmaru and Gama to get into an argument.

A Foreigner AttacksEdit

A girl then appears above then and wonders if they are the members of the Ogame School. She then says that they seem weak and then draws her sword. Iori then stops Gama and Zenmaru for arguing and tells them to get stronger. Gama, Iori, and Zenmaru then notices an enemies presence and dodges the girls attack. Iori then points his sword at her and asks who she is. They all then notices that the attacker is a foreigner. She then gets up and says that her mother is japanese, which Iori and Shinnojou notices who she is. She then talks with Gama about their ages, which her father shows up and asks why Yumeji is all the way out here. Iori then says hello to Rintarou, which Rintarou is glad to see Iori, Shinnojou, and Kamedenbou. Rintarou then introduces himself and his daughter Yuemji, and asks who they are. Gama and Zenmaru then introduces themselves, which Rintarou notices that Gama is Jinsuke's son and Zenmaru is kai's brother. Gama then says that Jinsuke is his father and that he came here in order to defeat his dad.

Guided to Juuren VillageEdit

Gama then asks that if Rintarou is the boss of the village, then for him to take them to the village. Rintarou that says that Gama is an interesting kid and says that he will guide them to Juuren Village. Rintarou then takes them through a cave and says that the village is up ahead. While travelling through the cave Gama asks why a foreigner is here, which Rintaro says that its a long story. Rintarou then says that he ended up in this country after he was shipwrecked, after stowing away on a ship from his country. Rintarou then says that he then met Jinsuke and that one thing lead to another and be became the caretaker of Juuren Village. Rintarou then says that its a shame about Jinsuke and that their has never been a swordman like him in the 200 years of the Ogame School history. They then leave the cave and Zenmaru is amazed by the what Juuren Village looks like.

Arriving at Juuren VillageEdit

Kamedenbou then reveals that the first master of the Ogame School trained and founded the Ogame Style. Kamedenbou then says that this is also were student come to train to be the elite of the school, and were the next leader is decided upon. They all then head inside, where Rintarou introduces the rest to his other daughter, Mika, along with two other students, Kawasaki and Shimoda. Rintarou then tells them that they will prepare rooms for them and that they should rest for a few days. Gama then says that he doesn't have the time and that he wants start training now. Rintarou then tells him no and that Gama is going to need to rest before he starts training or he is going to die if he start training. Gama then tells him so what, which Rintarou says that he will show him and draws his sword. Zenmaru then thinks about how he couldn't see Rintarou draw his sword and wonders who Rintarou is. Rintarou then explains why Gama need to rest. Gama then explains why he needs to get stronger, which Rintarou says that Gama will indeed get stronger.

Start the TrainingEdit

After four days, Rintarou asks Gama and Zenmaru if they want to get stronger, which they say yes. Rintarou then tells them that they are going to start the preliminary training and that its harsh enough for even people to run away. Zenmaru and Gama say that they are no going anywhere, which Rintarou says fantastic. Rintarou then says that if they complete the trainging then they will be given a deathblow technique and become elite students of the Ogame School. Gama then asks what the training is, which Rintarou tells them that Gama and Zenmaru will be usinf a wooden sword to score a point against him. Gama then says that he will go first, which Rintarou then laughs and says that they both will attack him because neither of them can land a blow on him. Iori and Shinnojou then talk about when they did the training and how Gama and Zenmaru will learn soon enough. Shinnojou then walks away and says Iori and him have something to do, which Iori decides to stay.

The Preliminary TrainingEdit

Gama and Zenmaru then get angry which Rintarou tells them to bring it anytime now. Gama and Zenmaru then charge at Rintarou, which Rintarou thinks about how well that Gama and Zenmaru work well together. Gama then attacks but Rintarou dodges, which Gama thinks about how Rintarou is no ordinary martial artist. Zenmaru then attacks, but RIntarou dodges and hits Zenmaru on the head. Gama then gets angry and attacks with Shidensen. Gama then thrusts using Kosen, but Rintarou dodges it and compliments what Gama is capable of doing. Gama then wonders how Rintarou got behind him, which Rintarou says that he can see through all his techniques. Later that evening, Gama and Zenmaru are exhausted. Gama then wonders why he can't he can't scratch him, which Rintarou says that their is flaw in their swordsmanship. Rintarou then talks about how Gama and Zenmaru lost before, which Gama asks how he knew. Rintarou then says that he figured it out, and then says that Gama and Zenmaru can't see his presence. Rintarou then explains that he can see their presence and that is how he is able to dodge their attacks. Rintarou then explains that Gama and Zenmaru first must learn to sense presence that they can land a blow on him. Gama and Zenmaru then says that they are going to learn the technique by today, which Rintarou says that the record is 79 days and that Iori and Shinnojou set the record. Rintarou then tells them to be patient and that they become capable swordsmen that can defeat the Muhou School, as long as they don't die.

Trying to Score a BlowEdit

A month passes and Gama along with Zenmaru still have not landed a blow. Gama and Zenmaru then continues to land a blow, which Rintarou tells them that they need to try harder. Rintarou then dodges Gama's strike and hits Zenamru on the head. Later, Gama and Zenmaru are exhausted, which Rintarou says that they have landed a blow today too. Gama then remembers what Rintarou told him and then wonders what he is missing. Yumeji then talks about how long it is taking Gama and Zenmaru, and how Gama was talking tough from the start. Mika then says that Yumeji has taken a liking to Gama which Yumeji then yells at her. Later that night, Yumeji is walking in the hall because she can't sleep. Yumeji then notices that someone else is up and notices that its Gama. Gama is sswinging his sword and thinking about Rintarou's movements. Yumeji then heads in and tells Gama that its not go to train like that. Gama then tells her to head back to bed if she is finished, and then apologizes. Gama then says that he has to get stronger to rescue someone, which Yumeji forces Gama to tell her. Yuemji is then shocked to learn everything. Gama then remembers when he lost his friends 5 years ago, and says that he isn;t going to let his father do whatever he wants. Outside then room, Zenmaru is listening to them and thinks about Gama is with a girl instead of training. Yumeji then decides to give Gama some advise, which Zenmaru comes in and yells at Gama. Yuemji then says that she is going to tells them both, and then explains what presence is and how to use it. The next day, Rintarou recieves a letter that he can't read. Iori then tells Rintarou that is says that Gama and Zenmaru are going to train by themselves.

Landing a BlowEdit

A month later, Gama and Zenmaru. They then asks how many day have passed since they started, which Iori tells them that 76 days have passed. Gama and Zenmaru then apologizes to Iori for breaking their record. Rintarou then gets up and says that he won't waste any time getting started. Rintaoru then says for them to come at him, which Gama says that they are going to score their points one at a time. Yumeji then says that they can't face her father one-on-one, which Zenmaru says to watch and see the result of their training. Rintarou then thinks about how Gama is different from a month ago, and then takes a stance and tells Gama to come. Yumeji then notices that her father has taken a stance, which Rintarou thinks about wanting to see Gama's skills. Gama then attacks Rintarou and cuts Rintarou's clothes. Rintarou then says that Gama has gotten stronger, which Zenmaru then explains what Presence is and what they did in order to learn it. Gama then attacks Rintarou, which Rintarou blocks it. Rintarou then thinks about how much Gama has grown, and then decides to display some unique prowess. Rintarou then attacks, which Iori notices that a unique attack is come and that this will decide the match. Rintarou then attacks, which Gama barely dodges. Rintarou then thinks about what Gama did, which Gama then thinks about what to do while attacking. Gama then attacks, which causes Rintarou to lose and Gama to land a blow. Gama then cheers a he landed a blow, which Rintarou thinks about how Gama was able to land a blow. Two days later, Zenmaru manages to land a blow. Rintaoru then thinks about how much growth both Zenmaru and Gama has done, and then tells Kawasaki and Shimoda to tells Kashitarou to get ready. Iori then says that he was wondering where kashitarou was, which Rintarou says that Kashitarou is a genius and would probably make a good teacher. Rintarou then tells Iori that Iori has something to besides watching and training, which Iori tells Rintarou to get stronger.

Naoyoshi Talks with RanmaruEdit

In Jouka, Naoyoshi is thinks about how the Ogame School is going. Ranmaru then tells Naoyoshi to get some rest, since it would be troublesome if he ruins his health. Naoyoshi then says that its won't be troublesome to him since he will be daimyo only in name. Naoyoshi then says that he never imagined that Ranmaru would be worrie about his health, which Ranmaru says that its his duty to protect Naoyoshi now. Ranmaru then asks if Naoyoshi is still uncertain about taking the position of daimyo, which Naoyoshi says that course he is. Naoyoshi then talks about when he become daimyo and how he will be an enemy of Gama and the Ogame School.

Ranmaru OpinionEdit

Ranmaru then says that its what Naoyoshi's mother want. Ranmaru then says that if were in Naoyoshi's position, then he would fulfill the wishes of the person he had the strongest bond, even if it means being on the opposite side of his comrades. Ranmaru then says that a long time ago, he devoted his life because that person taught him swordmanship and meaning to his life. Ranmaru then says that he heard that Naoyoshi and his mother have faught to overcome many year of suffering and that Naoyoshi lacks resolve. Ranmaru also says that Naoyoshi should value something more then anything else.

Passing the TechniquesEdit

The next day, Kamedenbou finishes writing down the Ogame School techniques. Kamedenbou then says that he never taught that he would have to pass on that Ogame School techniques a second time. Kamendenbou then says that he is to blame for this and then thinks about how their was two geniuses competing for leadership a long time ago. kamedenbou then thinks about how he entrusted the Ogame School to Jinsuke . He then thinks about how the school was divided between Jinsuke and his followers who wanted to obtain something greater then the sword, and Tessai who wanted to protect the Ogame School. Kamedenbou then thinks about how it is time to decide who will be the next leader of the Ogame School from the two elite students.

Shinnojou and IoriEdit

Elsewhere, Shinnojou is training, when Iori shows up and says how Shinnojou has improved. Iori then talks about how strong Shinnojou has and then talks about how Zenmaru and Gama has passed the first stage. Iori then asks why he was called out to here, which Shinnojou says that Iori already knows why he is here. Iori then says that they are going to do this, which Shinnojou says that they are going to decide who will be the next leader of the Ogame School right now. Shinnojou then says that Iori isn't suited to be the leader, and that he is going to win. Iori then says that he has known about how Shinnojou feels for five years and says that he is getting excited. Iori then says that it will turn into a death match if they go all out. Elsewhere, Gama and Zenmaru are talking about how they will soon head into the next trail. They then hear Rintarou talks to Kamedenbou about Shinnojou and Iori fighting to decide who will be the next leader. Gama and Zenmaru then enter the room, surpriosed about what they heard. Kamedenbou then says that Shinnojou and Iori have not been on good term for five years, and then thinks about neither of them will walk away unscathed. 

Iori Vs. ShinnojouEdit

Elsewhere, Iori says that he never imagined that they would be fighting for who going to be the leader, which Shinnojou says that he has not intention of letting Iori become the leader. Shinnojou then says that Iori only cares about himself, which Iori says that he wil alway fight a battle that interest him. Shinnojou then says that Iori said that same thing from back then, and remember when he told Iori about the fight with Jinsuke 5 years ago. Shinnojou then says that the Ogame School is his home, and he won't overlook those that oppose or betray it. Iori then brings up Shinnojou's old school, which Shinnojou says that Iori will someday abandon the school and then says that Iori isn't suited to be the leader. Iori then says that he isn't going to bow down to someone weaker them him and that Shinnojou is going to have to defeat him in order to be the leader, even if it cost his life. Shinnojou then tells him that this was his intention from the start.

The Batle StartsEdit

Shinnojou then charges and attacks with Gurensen. Iori then dodges but gets cut, which Shinnojou notices that it wasn't deep enough. Iori then says that its been a long time since someone wounded him and attacks. Shinnojou then blocks the attacks and then thinks about how strong the attack was. Iori then thinks about well Shinnojou was able to blok the attack and then charges with Shidensen. Shinnojou then thinks about how he can't notices were one attacks end and another begins, and draws his second sword. Shinnojou then thinks about how Iori isn't an opponent that one can be defeated without truly prepared to kill. Shinnojou then thinks that he will be victorious, and attacks while Iori attacks. Masato and Kosaburo then suddenly stumble to the battle, where Shinnojou has blocks Iori's attack. Iori then jumps back and compliments Shinnojou on his strength. Kosaburo then asks what to do, which Masato tells him to go get Kamedenbou. Shinnojou then thinks about how strong Iori is and how his arms went numb of him blocking the attack.

Shinnojou on the OffensiveEdit

Shinnojou then decides to knock Shinnojou off balance and attacks. Iori then notices that Shinnojou is attacking with Tanryuu Hibaku from below and dodges, but gets cut on the neck. Iori then attacks but Shinnojou dodges withkagenui. Shinnojou then attacks with Hibashira, but Iori dodges and cuts Shinnojou above the eye. Iori then says that it been a long time since he has a prickly fight, which Shinnojou says that same. Shinnojou then says that Iori is that same as Jinsuke, which Jinsuke's strength is the thing that destroyed the Ogame School. Iori then says that a swordmans justice is his strength and that Tessai's weakness had to do with the destruction of the Ogame School. Shinnojou then says that Iori hasn't changed at all and takes a stance. Masato then thinks about how increbile then match is and hopes that kosaburo brings Kamedenbou soon. Iori then thinks that Shinnojou is getting in the zone, which Shinnojou then says that Iori is strong and that he can't forgive him. Shinnojou then remembers 5 years ago when he found Tessai dead. Shinnojou then says that he can't forgive Iori for not defending the Ogame School and deem him unworthy. Shinnojou then attacks, which Iori notices that Shinnojou is using Renkaiten. Iori then blocks the attack at the cost of his sword, which Shinnojou thinks about how Iori was able to block it. Iori then says that his fist are tough, which Shinnojou notices what Iori is going to do. Iori then attacks with Kosen Mutou, which forces Shinnojou back. Shinnojou then says that its not over yet, which Iori thinks about how Shinnojou was able to avoid a critical hit. They both decide to end it with the next attack, which Masato notices that one of them is going to be killed. Kamedenbou then shows up and stops them. Kamedenbou then tells them that he will be the one to decide who will be the next leader.

The Next LeaderEdit

Later, Kamedenbou is in the dojo with Rintarou, Iori, and Shinnojou, and tells them that he will decide the next leader of the School. Elsewhere, everyone else is in another room. Senka then says that she is glad that everything turned out alright. Mika then wonders why they were fighting, and says that they might have been fighting for her. Mika and Senka then get into an argument. Gama then says that something isn't right and that Iori doesn't seem interested in becoming leader of the school. Gama then wonder why he even got into a duel like that.

The DecitionEdit

Elsewhere, Iori tells Kamedenbou that he doesn't have any intention of becoming the leader and to make Shinnojou the leader. Shinnojou then asks what Iori is up to, which Iori says that he felt that it would feel nice to go at it with him. Iori then says that Shinnojou will be able to carry the Ogame School forward. Iori then says that he is never qualified to be the leader because he couldn't to a thing five years ago. Shinnojou then starts to yell Iori about being the leader, which Iori call Shinnojou selfish. Iori then gets up and says for Shinnojou to be the leader and to get stronger. Iori then says that Kamedenbou is happy about this, which Kamedenbou then says that he wasn't to pick Iori anyways. Kamedenbou then says that Shinnojou is the next leader, which Shinnojou says that he is not ready. Iori then says that he is leaving, which Rintarou asks where he is going. Iori then says that he has some business to take care of, and then says that the Ogame School is in Shinnojou's hands.


Iori then leaves the building, which Gama shows up. Gama then asks where Iori is going, and if he is going to meet with Jinsuke. Back inside, Kamedenbou tells Shinnojou that their is something that he has to tells him about 5 years ago. Kamedenbou then says that Iori did challenge Jinsuke before the battle and that Iori had lost. Shinnojou then says that its the first time that he heard this, which Kamedenbou says that Iori forbid him from saying a thing. Kamedengou then says that Iori has alot of pride and that Iori can't forgive himself for losing to Jinsuke back then. kamedenbou then says that Iori is probably the person that suffers the most from the event of that day. Back outside, Iori tries to deny going to meet with Jinsuke, but Gama tells him not to lie. Iori then says that he is going to Jouka, but not to fight with Jinsuke. Iori then says that he is going to talk with Jinsuke, which Gama says that he is going to. Iori then tells Gama that his job is to get stronger and to rise above him and Jinsuke. Iori then tells Gama to get stronger then everyone and then leaves.

The Next StageEdit

The next day, Shinnojou wonder why Iori left and that he is going to get stronger. Elsewhere, Gama and Zenmaru are infront of the mountain along with everyone else. Kamedenbou then tells Gama and Zenmaru that the Juuren mountain traingin is the main event and if they are ready. Gama and Zenmaru then says that they are ready, and Gama also says that he wants to get so strong that it'll startle Iori. Rintarou then says that all that left is to see if Kashitarou takes a liking to them. Rintarou then says that if they have Kashitarou's help then they will get stronger. Gama and Zenmaru then head up the mountain. While walking up the mountain, Gama and Zenmaru talk about what kind of a person Kashitarou is.

Meeting with KashitarouEdit

After an hour, Gama and Zenmaru reach the summit and wonder where Kashitarou is. Kashitarou then exits a door in the mountain and asks who they are. Gama then informs him that they are here to train, which Kashitarou says that he has heard of something like that. Zenmaru then asks if he will train them, which Kashitarou says that he will if the meet his condition. Zenmaru then asks what it is, which Kashitarou says that he wants them to introduce him to a girl that will let him do anything to her. Kashitarou then says if they don't know anyone then to get out of here, which he is the surprised when Gama says that they know one. Kashitarou then tells them to go get her, which Gama and Zenmaru head down the mountain. Gama and Zenmaru then bring back Senka, which Kashitarou then says that she will do. Kashitarou then cuts down an apple and tells Senka to stick the apple in her mouth and get on all four, which cause Senka to punch him in the face. Senka then leaves, which Gama and Zenmaru wonder if Kashitarou is okay. Kashitarou then yells and then tells Gama and Zenmaru to leave. Zenmaru then says that they might as well leave, which Gama says that he is going to test Kashitaoru out and draws his sword. Kashitarou then dodges and puts a knife to Gama's throat. Kashitarou then compliments Gama on his skills and says that he will train them.

The Training BeginsEdit

Kashitaoru then tells them that they are rough around the edges and then sits down on a counch. Gama then asks if Kashitarou will help with their training, which he tells them to first tells him their names and what their goal is. Zenmaru then thinks about what Kashitarou just asked and that they will have to answer carefully. Gama then introduces himself and says that he want to be a greater swordsman then his father. Kashitarou then notices Gama last name, and says that Gama wants him to make him the greatest swordsman on earth. Zenmaru then introduces himself and says that his goal is the same. Gama then says that its impossible, which Kashitarou tells him that he doesn't know and that if it can be done, then he is the one that can do it. Kashitarou then tells them to take off their clothes because he is going to examine them. After examining both Zenmaru and Gama, Kashitarou explains that he was examining the muscles through out thier bodies. Kashitarou then tells them that they are weak, and then explains the human body and how it is highly evolved. Kashitarou then explains that they are going to learn to control their bodies in order to draw out their maximum efficiency. Kachitarou then gives them an examples by cutting an acorn with a double slash. Kashitarou then start their training by sticking needles into Gama and Zenmaru. Zenmaru then asks what is the deals with the needles, which Kashitarou explains what they are. Kashitaoru then says that he will take them out, after they can do a practice swing without feeling pain. Gama then thinks about the situation and then picks up a rock and cut it with a double slash. Gama then says that he didn't feel pain, which Kashitarou then thinks about how Gama is a more incredible subject then he imagined and then Gama might he able to master the sixth form that he is devising. Kashitarou then thinks that Gama will be become the greatest masterpiece in his lifetime of research.

The Front GateEdit

Sometime later, a former Tamagakushi School ninja complains about being on guard duty. The other guy then says that he don't care, and then tells the other one to stop drawing the X on his face. The X guy then says that he is not going to erase it until he kill Zenmaru. The X guy then notices someone and wonders why someone is coming at this hour. The other guy says that all the schools should've been swept away, and that the guy might be a suicide attacker. The X guy then asks what to do, which the other guy says that they have to dispose of him. Iori then shows up and tells them to get out of the way. The X guy then notices the pressure that guy is giving off, and then asks who he is. Iori then introduces himself, and then says that he has business with Jinsuke. Iori then says if he gets in his way then he will cut him down.


Inside the castle, Ranmaru tells Jinsuke that everyone has assembled. Jinsuke then says that they have done a good work with suppressing all the schools in the feifdom, and that its been a long time since all the advisors have assembled. Nachi then asks that their are only a few left that would oppose them. Nachi then says that all they have to do left is appoint Naoyoshi as Daimyo and then conquer Kyuushuu, then they will be able to declare themselves as an independant nation. Riichirou then compliments Nachi and says that they are finally going to fight with the shogunate. Ango then says that the Ogame School still hasn't surrendered to them yet, and that they should be made into examples. Ango then says that he will go and destroy them, which Riko says that he doesn't see Ango defeating the Ogame School, since they have Iori, Shinnojou, and Kamedenbou. Mario then tells Riko then stop arguing, which Ango says the Mario understand what he is saying. Ango then says that if he were to act, then he could destroy the Ogame School. Jinsuke then tells him to do it, and that he has his own reasons for not dealing with them.

Naoyoshi and YukioEdit

Elsewhere, Yukio tells Naoyoshi that he will become Daimyo in a few days. Yukio then says that her long held desire will be fulfilled. Naoyoshi then asks if she loves Jinsuke that much, which Yukio says that Jinsuke is everything to her. Naoyoshi then tells his mother that she is just a hostage to Jinsuke, which Yukio says that she is aware of that. Yukio then says that she loves him, which Naoyoshi says that he will become Daimyo. A commotion then happen which Yukio asks what is going on. Someone then says that an intruder has broken throught the south gate.

Invading the CastleEdit

At the south gate, Iori comments about that soldoers and says that Jinsuke won't with him unless he gets through of all of this. Iori then yells who he is, why he is their, and that he will cut anyone who gets in his way. Someone at the castle then informs everyone that the intruder is Sengoku Iori. Shinjirou and Chuuji are close by the scene, which Shinjirou says that their is no way that they are going to let Iori go what he wants. Chuuji then says that Iori is just the decoy and that their should be a main force somewhere else. Kura Shiden then steps forward, which Iori then asks if he is going to take him to Jinsuke. Kura then says that he isn't and that it would be a waste if Iori fought with the soldiers and decides to fight him one-on-one. Kura then draws his swords and says that its would be better to fight one-on-one, which Iori then cut him down. Iori then says that that is one down, which everyone is shocked that Kura is killed with one attack.

Charging ThroughEdit

Iori then tells the soldiers that if they are going to stop him then they should attack all at once. The soldiers then attacks Iori, which Iori cuts down two others. Iori then heads to the next gate, which Shinjirou thinks that Iori really is attacking the castle by himself. Iori then comes across two commander, who introdues themelves as Maezono Chouei and Rinkei. Iori then says that they count as five, and then kills them with Gurensen. Inside the castle, a soldier informs Jinsuke an the advisors that Sengoku Iori has invades the keep. Iori then continues to cut down soldiers, which Iori complains about. Iori then wonders how many does he have to cut down until he get to Jinsuke.

Jinsuke Talks With RanmaruEdit

Elsewhere, Jinsuke says that the advisors have gotten worked up after hearing the Iori has invaded. Ranmaru then asks why Iori is attacking, which Jinsuke says that he doesn't know. Jinsuke then says that Iori will make it to the inner keep. Ranmaru then asks if Iori will make it this far, which Jinsuke says that normally it be impossible. Jinsuke then says that he doesn't think that Iori will die, because he has trained Iori. Ranmaru then asks why he doesn't go out to meet Iori, which Jinsuke says that Iori is special to him. Jinsuke then says that Iori will have to prove himself to him and that if Iori gets to the inner keep then he will give Iori an award.

Talk about AmbushingEdit

Elsewhere, Nasu is talking with Shinjirou and Chuuji the road that they are by is the last road leads to the inner keep. Nasu then says that if Iori get this far, then they have to stop him. Nasu then asks about Iori, which Chuuji says that Iori is strong. Chuuji then says that Iori is only human and that if he gets here then Iori would be wounded. Chuuji then says that they should use a pincer attack and have someone finish Iori off when they stall him, whichShibano Ippi shows up saying that he will do it. Ippi then explains why he can take down Iori, and that he wants the corpse when they kill him. Nasu then says that Ippi is the fastest archer and that he would surely be able to kill Iori. Chuuji then says that this will surely be enough to kill Iori. 

Ambushing IoriEdit

Nasu, Chuuji, Shinjirou, and Ippi then get into place and wait for Iori. Nasu then thinks that Iori is not coming and that Iori is worthy of praise. Iori then shows up, which Nasu thinks about the bloodlust that Iori is giving off. Iori then tells them to get out of the way or he will kill them, which Ippi then fires an arrow. Ippi is then shocked when Iori is able to block his arrow. Nasu and Chuuji then charge, which Chuuji thinks that he is able to stop Iori. Iori then diverts Nasu's attack, and then kills Chuuji with Kosen. Nasu then thinks about how Iori diverted his sword, which he is then killed when Iori slashes him. Someone then announces that Iori will be at the inner keep any minute. Jinsuke then tells Ranmaru to tells the soldiers to treat Iori like a guest, and that this will be his reunion with Iori.

The Inner KeepEdit

When Iori get to the inner keep, Shimon greets Iori. Shimon then guides Iori, which Iori asks why they are treating him like a guest. Shimon says that is Jinsuke order, and that Jinsuke is most likely delighted about his students progress. Iori then remembers 15 years ago, when he was saved by Jinsuke from bandits. Iori then remembers when Jinsuke gave him a sword and when he started idolized him. Iori is then brought to were Jinsuke along with the advisors are.

Meeting with JinsukeEdit

Jinsuke then says that Iori was able to make it here and that Iori has become a fine swordsman. Iori then calls Jinsuke old man, which Jinsuke says that Iori has been calling him that since they met. Iori then says that Jinsuke was a father and teacher to him and that he idolized him, which Jinsuke reminds him what Iori told him 5 years ago.  Iori then says that Jinsuke has strayed from the path, which Jinsuke says that its not true and that he just aspired to a greater and more absolute power then the sword. Jinsuke then says that he is going to make Iori understand, which Nachi brings in the two soldiers that abandoned their posts. Iori then notices who they are and what happened to them. Jinsuke then explains how he will become a supreme monarch with absolute power. Jinsuke then asks Iori to join him which Iori says that Jinsuke is a sorry sight. Jinsuke then says that Iori is incapable of denying him with his sword, which Iori says that he is right. Iori then says that the Ogame School also Shinnojou, Zenmaru, and Gama, and after a year of training the Ogame School will destroy them. Iori then says that they will settle this within one year, which Ango then says that they're not going to wait a year and if Iori isn't going to join them then they'll kill him. Iori then says to go ahead and that he will take half of them with him. Ango then tells a soldier to get hisTatsugiri.

Sengoku Iori Vs Kuryuu AngoEdit

After getting his Tatsugiri, Ango tells Iori that he will enough for him. Ango then reveals that he knows that Iori is wounded because of his limited movement, which he also says that he doesn't care and takes a stance. Iori then takes a stance and thinks about how Ango was able to figure out that he is wounded and what weapon Ango is uses. Ango then thinks about the presence that Iori is giving off and that he can't let his guard down. Ranmaru then thinks about how incredible Iori is for making his way here. Iori and Ango then charge at each other, but are suddenly stopped by Jinsuke. Jinsuke then compliments Iori, which Iori thinks about how Jinsuke stopped his attack. Iori then asks how striong they can get, which Iori says that they are going to deny him with their swords. Jinsuke then says that he will recieve the sword after a year, and then tells Ango that he can make the first strike when Ango says that he can't except. Ango then except, which Jinsuke then says that starting today they won't attack the Ogame School. Jinsuke then tells Iori to grown and that after a year the Muhou School will destroy the Ogame School.

The Sun RisesEdit

When the next morning comes, Iori leaves the castle. Iori then thinks about how they have bought some time and the if they are going to win then they are going to need a few miracles. Iori then tells the gate keeper from last night, to tells Naoyoshi that Gama will come rescue him after a year. A few days later, a letter is sent to the Ogame School at Juuren Village. Kamedenbou then tell Rintarou about the letter and how they have a year to prepare, Elsewhere, Shinnojou is training and thinks about how Iori is off training somewhere else. On the mountain, Kashitarou is yelling at Zenmaru for the sword he is using, which Zenmaru then thinks how he will master Sadanaga. Elsewhere, Gama is swinging his sword and thinking about how he will defeat his father and that he will get stronger.

A Year LaterEdit

A year later, Muhou Soldiers are outside Juuren Village. Nishio Motoji looks at Juuren Village and says that they have found it faster then he thought. Another soldeirs says that their is still a few days left to the truce, which Nishio says that they can report anything they want to the higher ups. Nishio then says that they will launch a surprise attack and that their targets are ZenmaruShinnojou, and Gama. Nishio then tells the other to slaughter anyone who gets in the way, and to tells the other about this.

Inside the VillageEdit

Inside the Village, Yumeji comes into a room and says that Gama and the others are coming down the mountain today. Senka then says that they have heard, and then gets into an argument about who can make better food with Mika. Yumeji then says that those two don't get along, and that they just make the Hyuuga Brothers do the cooking. Yumeji then heards a sound outside and thinks that its Gama and the others, and checks outside. Elsewhere, Shimodo inform Rintarou and Kamedenbou that Gama and the others are coming down the mountain, which Kamedenbou wonder how strong Gama and Zenmaru have gotten. Rintarou then says that Kashitarou hasn't come down the mountain once and that is proof that he is pleased with their ability. Kamedenbou then says that Jinsuke has probably expanding his military might and that they can't lose. Kamedenbou then notices something and then tells the Muhou Soldiers to come out.

The Muhou InvadesEdit

Elsewhere, Yumeji notices that their are strangers here and asks who they are. A soldier then attacks but is stopped by Kawasaki. The soldier then asks who he is, which Kawasaki says that he is a servant of this place. Kawasaki then kills the soldier, which the other think that Kawasaki isn't just a simple servant. Kawasaki then says that he will take care of thing out here, which Mamiya Suzunosuke then steps forward to face him. Mamiya then says that he will enjoy this, which Kawasaki then thinks about why Mamiya is so intimidating. Mamiya then attacks, which Kawasaki notices that he can't read its movements. Kawsaki is then wounded, which Mamiya says that Kawasaki can't see his sword. Mamiya then attacks Kawasaki mutliple time until Kawasaki can't move. Mamiya then says that he is bored with Kawasaki and that he is going to kill the others. Mamiya then attacks Yumeji, but Gama shows up and cuts Mamiya's sword. Gama then says that that was close and that he somehow made it. Gama then tells them that he is back and apologizes that for keeping them waiting. Yumeji then says she bets that Gama has gotten stronger, which Gama says that he has.

Gama Kurogane Vs. Mamiya SuzunosukeEdit

Mamiya then notices that the guy that attacked him is Gama and then draws a second sword. Mamiya then says that they are here after Gama along with Shinnojou and Zenmaru, which Gama tells him to quit since they aren't going to lose. Outside, Zenmaru and Kashitarou attack the soldiers, which Kashitarou tells Zenmaru to utterly annihilate them. Back inside, Mamiya prepare to attack, which Kawasaki worns Gama about the blade. Mamiya then attacks but Gama dodges it. Mamiya then thinks about how Gama only barely dodged and decides to attack with his fast chain of attacks. Mamiya then attacks, which Gama dodges all the attacks. Mamiya is then shocked and this about how it is impossible for Gama to dodge his attacks. Gama then says that he can't see his blades movements, but he can tells where its going go by reading Kawasaki's movements. Gama then says that Mamiya can't beat him and leaves, but Mamiya gets angry and attacks. Gama then turns around and catches the blade, which shocks Mamiya. Gama then swipes Mamiya's legs and then defeats him with Kosen Mutou. Everyone then thinks about how strong Gama has gotten.

Ichinose Zenmaru Vs. the Muhou SoldiersEdit

Ouside, Kashitarou notices that Gama has finished inside. Zenmaru then tells Kashitarou to help him, but Kashitarou thinks that is Zenmaru turn to show off. kashitarou then thinks about the situation Zenmaru is in and that he wants him to result of his training. Zenmaru then says that he will have to take them on by himself, whichSarumata Kenzou says that Zenmaru don't understand the situation he is in. Kenzou then thinks that they can win, because Zenmaru is an outcast of the Ichinose Family. Gama then steps outside and offers to give Zenmaru a hand, but Zenmaru tells him that he can handle it. Zenmaru then thinks about how he has gotten stronger and then thinks about how he can win in this situation. Zenmaru then kills one and continues to charge past the body. Zenmaru then thinks about how ha has to take on the rest, and then turns towards them. Zenmaru then kills two more that charge at him. Kashitarou then thinks about what Zenmaru is going. Zenmaru then kills another which leaves three left. Gama then says that the next one is a spearman, which Zenmaru diverts the spear and kills the guy by running his sword up the shaft. Yumeji then thinks about how Zenmaru is also different, which Kashitarou sasy that its onlu part of his training. Kashitarou then thinks about how stronger Zenmaru has gotten and that Zenmaru wants to keep moving forward. Zenmaru then kills the remaining two with on go.

Defeating the Remaining FewEdit

Kenzou then runs away and thinks about signalling for reinforcements. Kenzou then runs into Shinnojou, who says that he killed 10 already and then beheads Kenzou Shinnojou then says that he has heard that Gama and Zenmaru have gotten stronger, which Gama and Zenmaru run over to him. Gama and Zenmaru then comment that Zenmaru has gotten stronger. Kashitarou then thinks about how powerful a swordsman that Shinnojou has become, and that with all the elements that the Ogame School has, they will become the strongest. Senka then recognizes Kashitarou, which Kashitarou tells her that some perverted stuff, and then gets beat up for it. Yumeji then says that she is worried about the others, which Shinnojou says that their is not need to worry. Elsewhere, Kamedenbou finishes the soldier and says how glad he is that their are not an strong fighter with in them. Kamedenbou then hears a noice and notices that Nishio has defeated Shimodo and Rintarou. Nishio then says that he is surprised that Kamedenbou can still fight, which Kamedenbou says that brawls get a bit hard on him. Kamedenbou then says that Nishio is quite skilled, which Nishio says that he is not weak. Nishio then says that Kamedenbou can't hide his age and is short on breathe, which Kamedenbou he gets angry. Elsewhere, Gama, Zenmaru, and Shinnojou tells the other that everything will eb okay, because Kamedenbou was the man that made Jinsuke follow him as a student. Elsewhere, Nishio thinks about the stance that Kamedenbou has and then charges. Kamedenbou then uses Muhyou No Jirai to kill Nishio, Shimodo thinks about that its the technique that Kamedenbou created. Kamedenbou then notices something and throws his sword at a tree. Tsuchiryuu then appears and compliments Kamedenbou no his skills. Kamedenbou then asks who he is, which Tsuchiryuu introduces himself and says that he is here on a seperate matter. Elsewhere, Jinsuke, Mario, and Ranmaru then arrive at Juuren Village, which Jinsuke says that he is looking forward to see his son's progress.

Jinsuke's VisitEdit

Elsewhere, Tsuchiryuu tells Kamedenbou that Jinsuek is coming to visit, which Gama overhears. At the front gate, Jinsuke, Mario, and Ranmaru enter the village. Mario then say that over 20 men were killed and that they were all killed with one slash. Jinsuke then says that waiting a year was worthy while, and the notices Gama, Zenmaru, Shinnojou, and Kashitarou. Zenmaru and Shinnojou then notices that Mario is with them. Jinsuke then says that Gama has grown, which Gama gets angry and says that Jinsuke shouldn't act like a father now. Gama then remembers the day of the event and what his father had told him. Gama then says that he has trained since then to defeat him and takes a stance. Gama then charges but Ranmaru blocks the attack. Ranmaru then says that Gama is out of his league, which Gama asks how many times Ranmaru will get in his way. Gama then says that he is different from back them, and pushes Ranmaru back. Ranmaru then backs off, and thinks about how he had Gama overpowered last year. Gama then says the Ranmaru is powerful, but says that he can now read Ranmaru like a book. Ranmaru then tells Gama to come at him, which Zenmaru wonders what to do. Shinnojou then says that Jinsuke and Mario are waiting to see if they join the battle, and that Jinsuke wants to see the outcome of the battle. Mario then asks if it alright for the two to fight, which Jinsuke says that he wants to see how strong the two are. Ranmaru then tells Gama that if he comes with a weak attack then he will kill him. Gama then says that he already nows that, which Jinsuke says that Gama has figured what something out. Kashitarou then says that Ranmaru uses Kousahou, and tells the others what Kousahou is. Gama then attack with Shidensen, which Ranmaru notices. Ranmaru then tries to block it, but Gama cuts Ranmaru's sword in half. The others are then shocked, which Kashitarou yells in excitment. Ranmaru then thinks about what happen, which Jinsuke then tells Ranmaru to stop fighting.

Jinsuke Informs the Ogame SchoolEdit

Jinsuke then compliments Gama for his skills, which Gama says that he is goingto take him out. Jinsuke then sticks his hand out and says that he will have to teach Gama, which Gama wonders about this overwhelming pressure. Kamedenbou then stops Jinsuke and tells Gama to calm himself. Kamedenbou then explains why they can't kill Jinsuke here. Mario then says tells everyone that they will decide everything in a month, which Gama asks why. Mario then says that after a month Naoyoshi's role will be done. Kamedenbou then says that Jinsuke will make Naoyoshi an enemy of the shogunate, which Jinsuke says once Naoyoshi role is done then he is unnecessary. Gama then says that he won't let him kill Naoyoshi and that Naoyoshi isn't his tool. Jinsuke then tells Gama to come and save Naoyoshi, which Mario tells them that they have stationed soldier around the perimeter of the castle. Jinsuke then says that the truce will end in two day and then says that he will wait for them at the castle as he leaves. Zenmaru then asks if they are really suppose to take on a castle in a month, which Gama says that they have to. Shinnojou then asks Mario why he betrayed them, which Mario says that he is disappointed with Shinnojou for not coming with them. Ranmaru then says that Gama is his enemy and that he is going to kill him, which Gama says that he will not lose to him. Ranmaru then says that they will see who is right, which Gama says that its right, Ranmaru then says that the next time they meet on the battlefield, they will settle everthing and leave.

Kai and RikoEdit

In Jouka, Kai asks Riko about about what he thinks about the Ogame School's growth. Riko then says that he doesn't know and that he prefores to not eradictae the Ogame School. Kai then says that their are no greater death for a swordman then losing to a stronger swordsman, which Riko says that that is just like him. Riko then says that its a different response when the opponent are former comrades, which Kai says that that response is like him. Kai then says that they are going to use them, and that their is an interesting guy within them. Riko then says that he hate that guy, which kai says that they were able to at least get Matsumoto Muraku to join them after he killed 20 of their men. Kai then says that he is looking forward to face the Ogame School and also says that they are going to win.

Everyone's ResolveEdit

Elsewhere, Naoyoshi thinks about how it has been a year and that he will be killed soon. Naoyoshi then remembers Iori's message and that Gama is his one and only friend. At Juuren Village, Kashitarou is thinks about Jinsuke and the presence that he has. Elsewhere, Gama is sitting and waiting for the time they can go save Naoyoshi.


Ogame SchoolEdit

Muhou SchoolEdit

Washitzu FamilyEdit



Ogame SchoolEdit

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