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Year Later Arc


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Year Later Arc is the thirteenth arc of the Gamaran series. This arc is where the Ogame School deals with an attack of the Muhou School after a year. Later Jinsuke visits along with Mario and Ranmaru, where they reveals that very that have planned will be settled within a year.


A Year LaterEdit

A year later, Muhou Soldiers are outside Juuren Village. Nishio Motoji looks at Juuren Village and says that they have found it faster then he thought. Another soldeirs says that their is still a few days left to the truce, which Nishio says that they can report anything they want to the higher ups. Nishio then says that they will launch a surprise attack and that their targets are Zenmaru, Shinnojou, and Gama. Nishio then tells the other to slaughter anyone who gets in the way, and to tells the other about this.

Inside the VillageEdit

Inside the Village, Yumeji comes into a room and says that Gama and the others are coming down the mountain today. Senka then says that they have heard, and then gets into an argument about who can make better food with Mika. Yumeji then says that those two don't get along, and that they just make the Hyuuga Brothers do the cooking. Yumeji then heards a sound outside and thinks that its Gama and the others, and checks outside. Elsewhere, Shimodo inform Rintarou and Kamedenbou that Gama and the others are coming down the mountain, which Kamedenbou wonder how strong Gama and Zenmaru have gotten. Rintarou then says that Kashitarou hasn't come down the mountain once and that is proof that he is pleased with their ability. Kamedenbou then says that Jinsuke has probably expanding his military might and that they can't lose. Kamedenbou then notices something and then tells the Muhou Soldiers to come out.

The Muhou InvadesEdit

Elsewhere, Yumeji notices that their are strangers here and asks who they are. A soldier then attacks but is stopped by Kawasaki. The soldier then asks who he is, which Kawasaki says that he is a servant of this place. Kawasaki then kills the soldier, which the other think that Kawasaki isn't just a simple servant. Kawasaki then says that he will take care of thing out here, which Mamiya Suzunosuke then steps forward to face him. Mamiya then says that he will enjoy this, which Kawasaki then thinks about why Mamiya is so intimidating. Mamiya then attacks, which Kawasaki notices that he can't read its movements. Kawsaki is then wounded, which Mamiya says that Kawasaki can't see his sword. Mamiya then attacks Kawasaki mutliple time until Kawasaki can't move. Mamiya then says that he is bored with Kawasaki and that he is going to kill the others. Mamiya then attacks Yumeji, but Gama shows up and cuts Mamiya's sword. Gama then says that that was close and that he somehow made it. Gama then tells them that he is back and apologizes that for keeping them waiting. Yumeji then says she bets that Gama has gotten stronger, which Gama says that he has.

Gama Kurogane Vs. Mamiya SuzunosukeEdit

Mamiya then notices that the guy that attacked him is Gama and then draws a second sword. Mamiya then says that they are here after Gama along with Shinnojou and Zenmaru, which Gama tells him to quit since they aren't going to lose. Outside, Zenmaru and Kashitarou attack the soldiers, which Kashitarou tells Zenmaru to utterly annihilate them. Back inside, Mamiya prepare to attack, which Kawasaki worns Gama about the blade. Mamiya then attacks but Gama dodges it. Mamiya then thinks about how Gama only barely dodged and decides to attack with his fast chain of attacks. Mamiya then attacks, which Gama dodges all the attacks. Mamiya is then shocked and this about how it is impossible for Gama to dodge his attacks. Gama then says that he can't see his blades movements, but he can tells where its going go by reading Kawasaki's movements. Gama then says that Mamiya can't beat him and leaves, but Mamiya gets angry and attacks. Gama then turns around and catches the blade, which shocks Mamiya. Gama then swipes Mamiya's legs and then defeats him with Kosen Mutou. Everyone then thinks about how strong Gama has gotten.

Ichinose Zenmaru Vs. the Muhou SoldiersEdit

Ouside, Kashitarou notices that Gama has finished inside. Zenmaru then tells Kashitarou to help him, but Kashitarou thinks that is Zenmaru turn to show off. kashitarou then thinks about the situation Zenmaru is in and that he wants him to result of his training. Zenmaru then says that he will have to take them on by himself, which Sarumata Kenzou says that Zenmaru don't understand the situation he is in. Kenzou then thinks that they can win, because Zenmaru is an outcast of the Ichinose Family. Gama then steps outside and offers to give Zenmaru a hand, but Zenmaru tells him that he can handle it. Zenmaru then thinks about how he has gotten stronger and then thinks about how he can win in this situation. Zenmaru then kills one and continues to charge past the body. Zenmaru then thinks about how ha has to take on the rest, and then turns towards them. Zenmaru then kills two more that charge at him. Kashitarou then thinks about what Zenmaru is going. Zenmaru then kills another which leaves three left. Gama then says that the next one is a spearman, which Zenmaru diverts the spear and kills the guy by running his sword up the shaft. Yumeji then thinks about how Zenmaru is also different, which Kashitarou sasy that its onlu part of his training. Kashitarou then thinks about how stronger Zenmaru has gotten and that Zenmaru wants to keep moving forward. Zenmaru then kills the remaining two with on go.

Defeating the Remaining FewEdit

Kenzou then runs away and thinks about signalling for reinforcements. Kenzou then runs into Shinnojou, who says that he killed 10 already and then beheads Kenzou Shinnojou then says that he has heard that Gama and Zenmaru have gotten stronger, which Gama and Zenmaru run over to him. Gama and Zenmaru then comment that Zenmaru has gotten stronger. Kashitarou then thinks about how powerful a swordsman that Shinnojou has become, and that with all the elements that the Ogame School has, they will become the strongest. Senka then recognizes Kashitarou, which Kashitarou tells her that some perverted stuff, and then gets beat up for it. Yumeji then says that she is worried about the others, which Shinnojou says that their is not need to worry. Elsewhere, Kamedenbou finishes the soldier and says how glad he is that their are not an strong fighter with in them. Kamedenbou then hears a noice and notices that Nishio has defeated Shimodo and Rintarou. Nishio then says that he is surprised that Kamedenbou can still fight, which Kamedenbou says that brawls get a bit hard on him. Kamedenbou then says that Nishio is quite skilled, which Nishio says that he is not weak. Nishio then says that Kamedenbou can't hide his age and is short on breathe, which Kamedenbou he gets angry. Elsewhere, Gama, Zenmaru, and Shinnojou tells the other that everything will eb okay, because Kamedenbou was the man that made Jinsuke follow him as a student. Elsewhere, Nishio thinks about the stance that Kamedenbou has and then charges. Kamedenbou then uses Muhyou No Jirai to kill Nishio, Shimodo thinks about that its the technique that Kamedenbou created. Kamedenbou then notices something and throws his sword at a tree. Tsuchiryuu then appears and compliments Kamedenbou no his skills. Kamedenbou then asks who he is, which Tsuchiryuu introduces himself and says that he is here on a seperate matter. Elsewhere, Jinsuke, Mario, and Ranmaru then arrive at Juuren Village, which Jinsuke says that he is looking forward to see his son's progress.

Jinsuke's VisitEdit

Elsewhere, Tsuchiryuu tells Kamedenbou that Jinsuek is coming to visit, which Gama overhears. At the front gate, Jinsuke, Mario, and Ranmaru enter the village. Mario then say that over 20 men were killed and that they were all killed with one slash. Jinsuke then says that waiting a year was worthy while, and the notices Gama, Zenmaru, Shinnojou, and Kashitarou. Zenmaru and Shinnojou then notices that Mario is with them. Jinsuke then says that Gama has grown, which Gama gets angry and says that Jinsuke shouldn't act like a father now. Gama then remembers the day of the event and what his father had told him. Gama then says that he has trained since then to defeat him and takes a stance. Gama then charges but Ranmaru blocks the attack. Ranmaru then says that Gama is out of his league, which Gama asks how many times Ranmaru will get in his way. Gama then says that he is different from back them, and pushes Ranmaru back. Ranmaru then backs off, and thinks about how he had Gama overpowered last year. Gama then says the Ranmaru is powerful, but says that he can now read Ranmaru like a book. Ranmaru then tells Gama to come at him, which Zenmaru wonders what to do. Shinnojou then says that Jinsuke and Mario are waiting to see if they join the battle, and that Jinsuke wants to see the outcome of the battle. Mario then asks if it alright for the two to fight, which Jinsuke says that he wants to see how strong the two are. Ranmaru then tells Gama that if he comes with a weak attack then he will kill him. Gama then says that he already nows that, which Jinsuke says that Gama has figured what something out. Kashitarou then says that Ranmaru uses Kousahou, and tells the others what Kousahou is. Gama then attack with Shidensen, which Ranmaru notices. Ranmaru then tries to block it, but Gama cuts Ranmaru's sword in half. The others are then shocked, which Kashitarou yells in excitment. Ranmaru then thinks about what happen, which Jinsuke then tells Ranmaru to stop fighting.

Jinsuke Informs the Ogame SchoolEdit

Jinsuke then compliments Gama for his skills, which Gama says that he is goingto take him out. Jinsuke then sticks his hand out and says that he will have to teach Gama, which Gama wonders about this overwhelming pressure. Kamedenbou then stops Jinsuke and tells Gama to calm himself. Kamedenbou then explains why they can't kill Jinsuke here. Mario then says tells everyone that they will decide everything in a month, which Gama asks why. Mario then says that after a month Naoyoshi's role will be done. Kamedenbou then says that Jinsuke will make Naoyoshi an enemy of the shogunate, which Jinsuke says once Naoyoshi role is done then he is unnecessary. Gama then says that he won't let him kill Naoyoshi and that Naoyoshi isn't his tool. Jinsuke then tells Gama to come and save Naoyoshi, which Mario tells them that they have stationed soldier around the perimeter of the castle. Jinsuke then says that the truce will end in two day and then says that he will wait for them at the castle as he leaves. Zenmaru then asks if they are really suppose to take on a castle in a month, which Gama says that they have to. Shinnojou then asks Mario why he betrayed them, which Mario says that he is disappointed with Shinnojou for not coming with them. Ranmaru then says that Gama is his enemy and that he is going to kill him, which Gama says that he will not lose to him. Ranmaru then says that they will see who is right, which Gama says that its right, Ranmaru then says that the next time they meet on the battlefield, they will settle everthing and leave.

Kai and RikoEdit

In Jouka, Kai asks Riko about about what he thinks about the Ogame School's growth. Riko then says that he doesn't know and that he prefores to not eradictae the Ogame School. Kai then says that their are no greater death for a swordman then losing to a stronger swordsman, which Riko says that that is just like him. Riko then says that its a different response when the opponent are former comrades, which Kai says that that response is like him. Kai then says that they are going to use them, and that their is an interesting guy within them. Riko then says that he hate that guy, which kai says that they were able to at least get Matsumoto Muraku to join them after he killed 20 of their men. Kai then says that he is looking forward to face the Ogame School and also says that they are going to win.

Everyone's ResolveEdit

Elsewhere, Naoyoshi thinks about how it has been a year and that he will be killed soon. Naoyoshi then remembers Iori's message and that Gama is his one and only friend. At Juuren Village, Kashitarou is thinks about Jinsuke and the presence that he has. Elsewhere, Gama is sitting and waiting for the time they can go save Naoyoshi.



Ogame SchoolEdit

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